Friday, 17 October 2014


Dress: Zara
Coat: Zara
Boots: Russell and Bromley
Hat: Primark
Lipstick: MAC 'Darkside'

I would have to say this is probably one of my favourite autumnal outfits, I love how all the colours are matched with each other and I just love autumn clothes in general - especially burgundy, there is something about that colour that I just cannot get enough of at this time of year!

I have surprised myself as I have actually worn this floppy hat quite a few times now - I just bought a cheap one from Primark as I thought it would just end up sitting in my bedroom collecting dust, but I really feel it pulls a whole outfit together! A quick tip if you have one and it always flies off in the wind, use the clips you use for hair extensions (I bought mine on eBay for 1p!!) and sew a couple to the ribbon on the inside of the hat. My sister gave me the idea and I'm so glad she did as it works so well! I'm not sure if Primark do any other colours of this hat, I bought mine in the Cardiff shop and I only saw the burgundy ones in there. It is actually pretty good quality, and it is 100% wool so it's extra warm - plus I always seem to get a lot of compliments from people when I wear it too!

Monday, 13 October 2014



I used Polyvore to create this outfit wishlist for some pieces I would love to own (especially the earrings, but costing £1,600 I'm not sure that's likely!) I'm really liking simple monochrome outfits recently, and if I could revamp my wardrobe to include a lot of staple chic pieces like the ones I have included above then I definitely would.

Monday, 6 October 2014


Last week I went along to the LUSH Portsmouth bloggers event with Carissa for the launch of the new Christmas range, which is always the most exciting collection that they bring out! It sees the return of the ever so popular Snow Fairy scent, along with lots of other favourites such as Golden Wonder, Cinders and The Melting Snowman! There was also lots of new bath bombs, shower gels, bubble bars and soaps for this year in so many different scents - aswell as really pretty knew knot wraps which I'm wearing in one of the photos below!

We had a preview of the new collection and then had demonstrations of most of the new bath bombs, got to make our own Comforter bubble bar and made our own snowman out of the limited edition Snowman Fun!

Thank you LUSH Portsmouth for hosting event, and for the products that we got to take home to try (my bathroom now smells amazing because it is all in there!) Don't forget to check out the new collection in your local LUSH shop or on their website!

Thursday, 25 September 2014


Autumn has finally come around, which of course means it is now time to crack out those oh so pretty deep berry and burgundy colours which are my absolute favourite. I decided to do this makeup after reading Anna's 'Autumn Edit' blog post, where I was inspired by the combination of a dark coppery eyeshadow and red lip that she used. For my look I used a Too Faced eyeshadow called 'Soleil' and for my lips I used my favourite lipstick which is Chanel 'La Désiéee'. The eyeshadow is so easy as I only used one colour and blended it out, but I think it is a nice combination with the bright red lipstick. I kept most of the makeup very simple as I already had two bright colours, but I think they compliment my dark hair nicely!

I will definitely be wearing this look a lot more often from now on and throughout the winter, despite the eyeshadow being quite different for me as I love how it has turned out! 


What is your 'go-to' autumnal makeup look?

Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Last week I popped up to the ASOS HQ again to go to their #BeautyChat event. It was a live streamed Q&A session with Patricia Bright answering all sorts of beauty questions from the audience and from  her subscribers on twitter. ASOS aren't ones to do it half heartedly, so we had summery pimms, hotdogs and nail painting - along with having some items from their new collection on display, and plenty of yummy #BeautyChat themed cookies on sticks! I went along with Perdi and met up with Brogan and Emma whilst I was there, and went for pizza afterwards. Somehow the trains were completely delayed on the way home - which ended up in me getting on a random train and bus combination, sitting outside a train station in the freezing cold for an hour at 1am and not getting home until after 2am - fun fun fun! Despite this I had a lovely time, thank you ASOS for inviting me!

You can watch a recording of the live stream below, and check out my photos of the event too!