Monday, 31 October 2011

Carmine October Box

Hi everyone,
The other day I received my October Carmine box. I'm sure you will of heard of the whole beauty box idea before, with the original Birchbox in the States, Then others followed like Glossybox, Feelunique Beauty Box, latest in beauty and Boudoir Prive. Carmine is the latest box to be added to the growing list of them. I have tried a couple of the other boxes before, but I didn't like or use most of the products that I got so I canceled my subscription as I felt I wasnt getting my moneys worth out of them
I didn't want to get any more of the boxes because I didn't want to get pulled into the subscription scheme, but then I heard of the Carmine box. I heard of the Carmine box from Fleur De Force, who makes YouTube videos and who has a blog as well. Fleur is working with Carmine to help promote them and as a special deal they were offering a £5 off the first box, meaning it if £5+£2.95 p&p. Because it was only £7.95 I thought I would give it a go.

When it arrived I was instantly attracted to the box because of the bright and colourful packaging. It has broken away from the other boxes which are mostly pink and black. And although yes of course I love pink I do like that this one is different!

This is what the protective outer box looks like, definitely bright and it makes it look like they have put so much more effort in than just a plain cardboard box!

This is the inside of the box, I love the bright green and red colour scheme! I also love that it has ribbon and tissue paper, it really adds an extra touch than just putting them in!

As you can see, when you open the box it is filled with five good sized products and really nice packaging!

I will do a quick review of all the products. First there is the Caudlaie quenching sorbet cream. It is a great moisturiser and i like to use it morning and evening, and it really makes my skin feel soft and hydrated. It is £20 fro 40ml and in the box you get a 10ml sample, so it should cost £5!

Next there is the Trind Nail repair natural. This is meant to cost £12.95, so with this product alone you are getting your moneys worth! I have used this on my nails for a few days now, and it really makes them feel more sleek and in a much better condition.

Next is the  Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream.The RRP is £14.50 for 100ml and in the box you get a 30ml sample, so this amount of product should cost around £4.35. This hand cream is super moisturising and really helps to deeply moisturise my hands and make them really soft.

The second to last product is the Daniel Sandler Eye Delight. In my box I got the peach colour, which I would probably have chosen anyway! It goes on like a dream and it stays put all day which is amazing! This is another full size product and it should cost £10.25 so this is another amazing deal!

And last but not least is the Fratboy all in one shaddow/blush. This is personally my favourite product in the whole box. It is yet another full size product! The RRP is £16.34, so I was really excited to see this in there! The blush is super pigmented and it stays on really well. I also think the packaging is lovely and it has a good size mirror inside, which is always a bonus! I personally wouldnt use it as an eyeshaddow but I like that you could if you wanted.

Overall I think that this is a really good box and I can't wait to see what is inside the next one, which I really want to get! The delivery is really fast, and much quicker than I expected. It says up to 7 days on their website but I believe it came in about two days! You can buy this as a gift for friends, and I think I might hint at some family members that I would love a subsciption for christmas, oh and they also do subscription deals so that you can get money off/free boxes if you have a subscription.

Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day

Saturday, 29 October 2011


Hi everyone,
Yesterday me and a few of my friends went to London to the ExCel center to go to Britain and Ireland's Next Top Model live show, for mine and my friends birthday.
I'd seen it advertised a few times on the television when I was watching the T.V. series and thought it looked really good, and one of my friends went last year and really enjoyed it! 
I didn't really know what to expect but it was even better than I thought it would be. There were some celebrities there, including Amy Childs, and Harry from TOWIE, Grace Woodward and Charlie Speed who were judges on the programme,  and all of the girls from series 7.
I didn't take that many photos but here are some of the ones that I took.
Grace Woodward and one of the dancers

The winner- Jade


Bluey and Jade

Amy Childs


There were lots of freebies and things to buy at discounted prices. Because Cosmo and Company magazines were sponsoring it they were doing a years subscription for only £12 and you got a free L'Oreal hair gift worth £35, because that was a real steal I bought that as well!
Overall I thought it was a really good girly day out, and I cant wait until next year because I really want to go again!

Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

16th Birthday Present!

Hi everyone,
It was my 16th birthday last week and I thought I would do a post today about what I got from my parents me! It's not the usual present for a 16 year old, but I had been wanting one for ageeees and it took a lot of persuasion but I managed to persuade my parents to get me one! And here it is:
It's a giant beanbag from It is soooo comfortable and I love it! I've wanted one for like two years and I'm in love with it! There are loads of different ways that you can sit on it and it's perfect for sitting on to watch T.V!

I got the jumbo one which is is that largest one, but they make other ones, including child size, dog size and cubes. They cost £169 but they are 40% off and free delivery at the moment! The delivery was very quick according to my parents and the company was good at emailing my mum about it being dispatched and stuff.
The size is 180x140cm so it takes up a lot of space, I think it is annoying my mum because it takes up so much!
There are also loads of colours to choose from. Other than the pink, I love the green one with white daisies, which is really cute!

Overall I think that these are great, and really good quality, so if you are thinking about it ask for it for Christmas if your parents don't mind it taking up so much space!

Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day

Tuesday, 25 October 2011

ELF Cosmetics Beauty School Eyeshadow Palette- Natual Swatches

Hi everyone,
A couple of months ago, when ELF was having one of their 50% off sales, I purchased this eyeshadow palette. Some of the colours in this palette are gorgeous. It has three matte colours, and three shimmer colours. The eyeshadows themselves are nice sizes and so you will get a lot of use out of them.

The top row has a creamy white colour for highlighting, but I find that this is not very well pigmented, so I don't tend to use it that much

In the middle is a shimmery taupe colour which is much better pigmented than the white one.

And at the end is a lightish brown colour, which is my favourite out of the whole palette. It has good pigmentation and it isn't too powdery.

On the bottom row there is a gloden shimmery colour, which also has good pigmentation.

In the middle of the bottom row there is a bronze shimmer colour, which the pigmentation isn't too great on but it is still a nice colour.

And the last colour is a black which I was very pleasantly supprised about the pigmentation of.

Overall I am highly impressed with this palette for what I paid for it. It's meant to be £3.50 which is still an amazing price, but I only paid £1.75, which is amazing for a palette which I use most days! If you are thinking of buyimg it, then deffiniately wait until ELF is doing a discount voucher. The tend to do one most weeks, follow them on twitter, or like them on Facebook to make sure you get notifited of any that are coming up!
As you can see they all have very good pigmentation for the price, especially the black, and the light brown. I put quite a lot of the white on my hand, so that is why it looks quite pigmented.

If you are interested in buying it then a lint to the palette on the ELF website can be found here

Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day

Monday, 24 October 2011

WESC Conga Magenta Matte Headphones

Hi everyone,
I had been eyeing these headphones up for a while and yesterday I finally decided to get them. They are made by WESC and the model is 'Conga' and they are the matte ones. I felt like I needed a pair like this because I was getting so annoyed with my apple headphones and the really bad sound quality that they had, and I was also sick of them falling out my ears all the time!

I was attracted to them at first obviously because of the bright magenta colour which is super cool. Overall I think that the sound quality is great, and the volume can go up really loud on them. I have used them whilst in the car when my mum had the radio on and I couldn't even hear it, they don't claim to be noise canceling from what I have read, but they do a good job at it!

This is the colour range

I got mine from hmv and they cost £29.99 in store, but I just looked online and they are only £24.99! Click here if you want to see them on the hmv website. If you are on the hunt for some new headphones then I would definitely check these out, oh and they also come in a wide range of colours too!

Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day!

Sunday, 23 October 2011

Roses nail of the day

Hi everyone,
I decided to turn my plain peach coloured nails into my favourite nail art design earlier. And here is how it turned out-
They are actually really easy to do, if you have a really fine nail brush, a dotting tool, a steady hand and some patience! I got my dotting tool and brushes off of eBay and they were under a pound each. I will include links to ones similar to ones that I have
Click on them to be taking to the eBay links
Dotting tool
Nail brush
All you have to do to recreate this look is paint white stripes across four of the nails. Then paint one of your fingers with a mint green colour. I used Barry M 'Mint Green' for mine. Then get a light pink/peach I used the same one that I have on the rest of my nails (Accessorize 'Apricot Crush') and with your dotting tool make a couple of dots on your nails. Once that is dry paint some little curved lines with your paintbrush on top. You can use a bright pink/red for this, but make sure it is darker than the other colour. Wait for that to dry too and then paint some little leaves onto it with a darker green. Mine is Barry M 'Spring Green'
Once you are sure it is dry, then finish it all off with a top coat! I used Barry M 'Base and Top Coat'
And that is it finished!

Thankyou for reading this, and have a lovely day

Acessorize 'Apricot Crush' nail of the day and swatch

Hi everyone,
It was my 16th birthday on Friday and I received this gorgeous peachy orange Accessorize nail varnish from one of my friends. The colour name is 'Apricot Crush' and it comes in a 10ml size. I had never tried an Accessorize nail varnish before as I for some reason thought that they may not be very good quality and so I was very excited to try it. I am very pleased to say that I am pleasantly surprised with them. I found that it went on really well and smoothly and the colour was very opaque in two coats. It reminded me of Illamasqua 'Purity' so if you are looking for a dupe then check this out!
This is the colour in the bottle in natural light
This is the nail varnish on my nails with two coats in natural light

Overall I think that this is a great nail varnish and I will definitely be purchasing other ones in the range as there are some great colours, and I would definitely recommend it.
You can purchase them from Superdrug and they cost £4.
My friend got mine in Superdrug but I can't find it on their website, and it isn't on the Accessorize website either. They have one similar though called 'Coral Flair' if you want to check it out here is the link:,4,shop,xmas,lifestyleshopcosmetics

Thankyou for taking the time to read this and have a lovely day