Sunday, 26 February 2012

DIY pen/makeup brush pots!

Hello everyone,
I originally saw this idea on Torie's blog and I decided I had to do it myself because it is so cute! Here is what you will end up with:

They are so simple to make and they look so cute! The possibilities are endless with the size/shape/pattern and they are really fun to do! 
These are the ones which Torie made and they are so cute!
If you want to see how to make them then click here because she explained it really well! I really recommend following her if you want more ideas like this for DIY things for your bedroom/house, I have got so many great ideas and inspiration from her!
I used the same method as her to make mine, except that I put sticky back plastic onto the wallpaper before I put them onto the tins so that they would last longer.
The wallpaper that I used came from a company called Wallpaper Direct. They let you order a few free samples, there are SO many to chose from and they are perfect for making these with!
Just in case you were wondering which samples I ordered, they were:
1 Rosebud by Pip Wallpaper (pink)
Rosebud by Pip Wallpaper (blue)
3 Rosebud by Anna French (pink)
4 Rosebud by Anna French (cream)
As you can see, I still have loads of paper left to make other fun things with! If you decide to make these, use a pattern with a small design on it, so that there is less empty space, and you can see the design clearly. For example if you used one with massive flowers as the design, you wouldn't be able to see what it is!

You can use them to hold makeup brushes, pens, cotton wool, hairbands and loads of other things! As I still have paper left over I am going to make more but with different sized tins :)
Please let me know if you make these because I would love to see them!
Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day 

Monday, 20 February 2012

Earring collection/storage

Hello everyone,
there is no doubt about it. I love earrings. I have worn them pretty much every single day for the past 2½ years since I got them pierced (after much begging/persuading to my parents!) I thought today that I would share with you all how I store them.
All it is, is the lid of a chocolate box, with layers of craft foam in. You can pick the foam up in Hobbycraft or any craft shop like that (I think they might even sell it in Tesco?). All I did to make it was cut the foam to size, and then put several layers of it one on top of each other, until they were thick enough so that I could put the earring in and they will stand up. Then all you have to do it simply push in all of your earrings! You can either keep the backs on (which I do) or take them off and keep them in a little pot. I find it's easier to keep them on because then it's easier to put a pair of earring on if you're in a rush in the mornings!
This is what I keep my everyday earrings in, and the ones which don't fit in the other foam/chocolate box thing. It's actually a pot from an Activia yoghurt, and I simply washed it out and tied a ribbon around it! I put them in here because they're so much easier to get them if you're in a rush and I don't have to push them into the foam every night (I know, I know I'm lazy, right?) 
Image from here
I want to purchase one of these sort of stands when I start wearing more dangly earrings, but seeing as I only have about 2 pairs of them, I don't thing I can really justify buying a rack for them! If you were wondering where to get it, there are some on eBay for around a tenner :)

I really want all of these earrings (all of them are from River Island and cost £1.50-£3) but whenever I go in they never have any of them! I might just have to suck up and pay the £4 delivery charges :| (I'm so tight when it comes to deliver costs!)
 Right, now I'm off to read my new magazines and drink my coffee :)
hahaha red lipstick+white mug= red lip print on mug :)

thankyou for reading and have a lovely day 

Monday, 13 February 2012

My favorite nail varnishes

Hello everyone,
I have seen a few people doing posts similar to this and so I thought I would do one too! I have so many nail varnishes it was so hard to take it down to my top four, but these are the ones which I reach for during the weekend (we aren't allowed to wear it at school)
Nails inc. 'Basil Street', Barry M 'Raspberry',  Leighton Denny 'Lollipop' and Barry M 'Flamingo'
Nails inc. 'Basil Street'- I tend to wear this one to school  during the week because we aren't allowed to wear nail varnish to school, but because I don't like wearing nothing on my nails, I find that this is a good nude colour to wear.
Barry M 'Flamingo'- this is probably my most reached for nail varnish in the spring/summer (although I sill wear it in the winter to brighten my mood!) It is the perfect bright hot pink without it being too luminous. I really love Barry M, they are my favorite brand for nail varnish because they are really good price and they have so many colours!

Barry M 'Raspberry'- this is my favorite colour to wear during the winter. It's more bright than it looks in the photo, but without it being a bright red. I think raspberry is a really good name for it because it is exactly the same colour as the raspberry jam that I had on my toast this morning!
Leighton Denny 'Lollipop'- my Grandma gave me this about 6 months ago. It is slightly darker than 'Flamingo' and it brings my tan out more during the summer and I really like putting it on my toes too.

Overall as you can see I really like bright pinks/reds. My favorite brand as I said earlier is Barry M because it is well pigmented, cheap and they have a wide colour range. I also really recommend Collection 2000 because they are such a good price (£1.79 in Boots) and they are so creamy and well pigmented! If you were wondering my favorite colour is Hoola hoop which is a bright pink!

Oh and I also bought these dotting tools off of eBay the other day and they came yesterday. I haven't used them yet but I can't wait to!

What are your favorite nail varnishes? Leave them in the comment box!

Thankyou for reading and have a lovely day 

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hello everyone,
sorry I haven't done a post in a couple of weeks, I really wanted to get one done last week, but for various reasons I couldn't get one done. 
I haven't ever done a haul post before, but because they are one of my favourite things to read/watch on YouTube I thought I would do one! 
This is most of the things that I have bought over the past couple of weeks- don't worry I haven't bought it all in one day!
Sigma F82 brush- I have been wanting this for so long, and I was going to order it when I bought my Sigma Cleansing and Polishing tool last month but I completely forgot to add it to my order until it was too late! I ordered it from an on line shop called Love Makeup. I would really recommend recommend them, the delivery was super fast and I had no problems with them!
Soap & Glory thick and fast mascara- I got this free with ELLE magazine a couple of weeks ago. I have used it every day since and I love it! I would definitely recommend it and I will be buying it again!
Rimmel wake me up foundation- after receiving a couple of testers of this in magazines (I think they were in ELLE and Company) I decided that I really wanted to buy it! I only bought it last night  but I used it this morning with my Sigma F82 brush and  really like it! Oh and it's only £5.99 in Tesco and Boots at the moment!
The Body Shop moisture foundation- I know it is probably unnecessary to buy two foundations in one month but after seeing some good reviews about it I decided to buy it. I have used if for probably 10ish days now. It's alright and I really like how it has SPF15, but I find that the consistency is too runny for my taste. Also because I ordered it online the colour is slightly light for me, but I have tried mixing it with some slightly darker foundations which I have and it makes it look a lot better.
Tangle Teezer- I have been wanting one of these for probably 6 months now, but for some reason I kept on putting it off because to be honest I didn't really need another hair brush. I'm going to be honest and say I like it, but I probably could of done without it. My hair isn't especially knotty and I find that the size of it is quite awkward to hold (I don't have small hands either). Also on the leaflet that came with it is said that you can use it in the shower, but when I did it got loads of water in it which I couldn't get out for weeks, so every time I used it water would come out onto my hair making it look greasy. Not good.
F&F shoes- this is quite off topic because everything else is beauty related, but I bought these last night from Tesco. I got them because I needed another pair of school shoes and they were only a tenner! I'm not sure how much I like them yet but I have been wearing them about the house this morning and they are really comfortable. I would say though that if you were going to buy them definitely try them on first because I am usually a size 6/7 and I had to get them in a 5!
Herbal essences hair masks and split end protection cream- I have used the hair mask and the cream in my hair religiously for probably 3-4 months now, and when I saw they were half price I thought I would buy some back ups! I already have some spare but because they were only £2 each I thought it would be rude not to!
No7 hot cloth cleanser- I was going to buy the Liz Earle hot cloth cleanser because I have seen so many people saying how great it was, but then I saw some people saying that they liked the No7 one just as much, and I had an No7 voucher that needed using up I thought I may as well buy it! I really like it and I have been using it every night before using my Sigma cleansing and polishing tool and it makes my skin feel really soft and lovely. I will be buying this again and I really recommend it!
John Frieda serum, night serum and 3-day straight- The serum is a repurchase because my other one had run out. I bought the night serum and the 3-day straight a couple of weeks ago in Boots when they were on 2 for £7.50. I really like the night serum and I use it on the ends of my hair probably every 10 days or so and it really helps the ends of my hair to look healthier when I wake up in the morning. The 3-day straight is another thing which I have been wanting for a while so I thought I would get it when I got the night serum in the offer. I haven't used it yet because as part of my day zero list I am trying to not use any heat whatsoever on my hair for an entire month (by tomorrow I will of done a whole month!) so I am really looking forward to using it sometime soon!
Elizabeth Arden 8 hour cream- this was the best bargain and the thing that I was most excited about out of all of the things which I bought. I have been wanting this for ages and when I saw that it was reduced from £21 down to £6 in Boots I couldn't believe it! I was lucky to find it though because when my mum went the day after to get one they had all sold out! I really like to use it on my lips and I had a small cut on my finger and I dabbed a bit on it and it was so much better in the morning when I woke up! If you are thinking about buying this I would really recommend it because I know it will last a really long time and it is such a good all in one product!

By the way what do you think of a white background for my photos? It's just a piece of card but I really like it and I think it makes my images look much more professional!

Thankyou for reading this and have a lovely day