Saturday, 30 June 2012


My year 11 prom was last night and I had lots of you asking me to share some photos from the night! Since instagram currently isn't working I thought I would just do a blog post with some pics in instead!

Dress: Little Mistress
Shoes: New Look
Bag: Accessorize
Ring: shop Dixi
Nails: Barry M 'aqua glitter' (read my post about it here)

Our prom was at a local race course and we arrived in a vintage Morris Minor. The transport was arranged very last minute but I think it looked really good! The weather was forecast to be raining but thankfully it was sunny and dry for most of the evening! Overall the evening was much better than I thought it would be (even thought the DJ's were pretty awful and the food wasn't great!)
If you have any prom photos I would love to see them

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Wednesday, 27 June 2012


I mentioned in my last OOTD post and quite a lot on twitter/instagram that I went to Hackney Weekend on Saturday. I took around 450 photos so it's taken me a long time to sort through them all! Anyway I thought I would share with you a few photos that I took during the day!

We had SUCH an amazing day- literally one of the BEST days of my life! 

We saw:
The Vaccines
The Maccabees
Kanye West
Rita Ora
Jessie Ware
Emeli Sandé
Ed Sheeran
Nicki Minaj
Tinchy Stryder
Michael Kiwanuka

My favourites were defiantly Jay-Z, Kanye, The Vaccines and Emeli Sande
I'm going to try and get tickets again next year (THEY WERE £2.50?!) and it was AHMAZINGGG
I reallyreallyreally want to see The Vaccines and Emeli Sandé again now!
Rihanna, MIA and Kanye were special guests- I have already seen Rihanna live before but it was so good to see her with Jay-Z!

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Monday, 25 June 2012

NOTD: Barry M 'Aqua glitter'

When I was on Oxford Street in London on Friday I came across this absolutely stunning nail polish in the hugeee topshop that they have there.
It's by Barry M and it's called 'Aqua glitter'. I have a bit of a thing for glitter nail polish and for Barry M so when I spotted a glitter Barry M polish I knew it had to be mine! I knew Barry M did a red glitter one because I had seen it in Boots, but on the stand in Topshop they had quite a few different colours. I wish I had bought more now because it's so pretty!
I had to apply four thin costs to get it opaque but I reckon if you had a similar blueish colour to it on underneath your could get away with only two coats. It dried really quickly (once I was finished painting my left hand my right one was already dry!)
I don't know how clearly you can see in the photos but it has very fine glitter and slightly larger glitter pieces in it. It's not chunky so it goes on really smoothly unlike some chunky glitter polishes.
I want to buy some more colours of these because they are so cheap (£2.99) and I don't know why I didn't get more whilst I was there!

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Friday, 22 June 2012

"see it's not what you look like, when you're doin' what you do. Express yourself"

dress: vintage
denim jacket: H&M
bag: Zara
earrings: Primark
nails: Rimmel 'Misty jade' and NYC 'Pinstripe white'
lipstick: Revlon lip butter 'Strawberry Shortcake'
shoes: London Rebel
above knuckle ring: Dixi
ring: eBay
perfume: The Body Shop Japanese rose blossom

I bought this dress a couple of weeks ago when I was at Victorious Vintage, it fits perfectly and I love it! As I mentioned in my 'Neon Spike' post I'm trying hard to wear more dresses this summer so if you know any good shops which sell dresses let me know!
I'm wearing my new Zara bag which arrived in the post this morning, I bought it for sixth form because it will fit my books in but I thought I would just use it today anyway! I love the rose gold hardwear on it, now all I need is a rose gold Michael Kors watch to go with it (hint hint daddy )
My nails don't really match but they're polka dots, and hey who doesn't love a bit of polka dots in their life?
Sorry if my hair looks greasy, it's not but it was actually raining when I was taking these photos (I'm a dedicated blogger ) so my hair got a bit wet!

I'm going to the Radio 1 Hackney Weekend tomorrow which I am SUPER excited about (hopefully it doesn't rain!) I'm most looking forward to seeing the Vaccines, Maccabees, Kasabian and Ed Sheeran- I'm going to take loads of photos so look out for a post about it in the next few days!

Oh and hello to all of me new followers, I'm so close to 200 and I am doing a giveaway when I reach it! (It's a bit different to the normal ones aswell!)
Remember to vote in my poll in the sidebar to have your say on which posts I do more of!

I want to find some new dresses, where is your favourite place to buy them? Let me know in a comment below!

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Thursday, 21 June 2012

neon spike

dress: H&M
denim jacket: H&M
ring: Dixi
nail varnish: Models Own 'disco mix'
shoes: London Rebel
lipstick: MUA 'Juicy' shade 15
earrings: Accessorize
necklace: Dorothy Perkins

this dress is so unlike me, but it would be perfect for summer! I bought it yesterday in the H&M sale for £7 which I think is a bargain! I've been trying to force myself to wear more dresses and skirts because I normally stick to shorts which are boring!  My mum's friend gave me the denim shirt last week when she was having a clear out so I quickly snatched it up, I love it and it goes with so many outfits!

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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

DIY floral pocket top

I'm going to show you how to quickly and easily make this...
You will need...

And it's finished!

I got the idea to do this when I was at victorious vintage, and I thought I would give it a go! It literally only took about 15 minutes to do and I love how it looks!
I love how you can personalise it to how you want it by using a different top/fabric to suit your style!
I think the photos are pretty self explanatory, let me know if you need any help!
I decided to leave the zigzag from the pinking scissors showing, but you could always make the square slightly larger and turn the sides in before you sew it.
If you were wondering, the floral fabric was off of one of my dad's old shirts from M&S (I don't think he ever wore it though, he's not really a floral type of guy!)
If you have a go please let me see the results!

I'm not sure if you noticed but I changed my header last night for a bit of a change, let me know what you think!
I also added a poll to my sidebar so that you can let me know what you want to see more of!

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Sunday, 17 June 2012 giveaway

I thought I would just let you know that Philippa from is running a giveaway to win one of her stunning illustrations for your blog. Her blog is absolutely stunning and I'm so jealous of her skills in painting and drawing!

Philippa will soon be selling personalised drawings that you will be able to buy and add them to your blog e.g. as a header or in an OOTD post etc.
Here is the link again to enter the giveaway and check out her blog as it is so cute and girly and I'm sure you will love it!

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Thursday, 14 June 2012

Garnier Body intensive 7 day lotion review

A couple of weeks ago I ordered this free sample of the New Garnier Body intensive 7 day lotion to try out (the samples have ran out now, but here is a link to order a sample of their bb cream or here to take part in their 14 day ultralift challenge) to be honest I wasn't expecting much at all from it, I thought it would just be another one of those sit on the skin greasy lotions. But that is where I was wrong.
The lotion soaks in really quickly to your skin leaving it feeling soft, smooth and smelling good. The scent is of Shea butter and the scent actually lasts really well, without being overpowering!
I decided to do the 'challenge' and I applied a sachet to my legs for seven days to see what the results would be. I wasn't expecting anything dramatic because I regularly exfoliate and moisturize my legs with my Soap and Glory Pulp Friction exfoliator and either my Soap and Glory righteous butter or one of the Body Shop body butters, and I thought they did the job well.
To enable you to actually prove the results, they include these things with sticky pads on them. You basically stick it to an area of your skin, rub it and peel it off. The stickiness takes off the top layer of your dry skin (yucky I know) because the pad is black it shows up. I'm not sure how well you can see it in the photos but the results were rather impressive! I did the test on the same area of my leg each time so it would be a fair test and after the seven days there was a very considerable difference in the dry skin.
My legs now feel much much smoother than they did a week ago, and I can't wait to purchase the full size! They sell it with a mango oil fragrance for dry skin, aloe vera for normal skin, cocoa butter for very dry and rough skin, honey for sensitive skin and the shea butter one which I tried is for dry to extra dry skin.
They also do a hand cream which has a Shea butter scent and a gel-cream which says it smells of peach. I love peaches so I'm tempted by that one too and it will be perfect for summer! Oh and the best part is that it's only £2.99 for 250ml which is a fraction of the price of the Soap and Glory/Body Shop ones!

If you've looking for any other freebies, Kia from 'Make me up Kia' blogged recently about a couple of freebies which you can order online if you wanted to have a look!

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Tuesday, 12 June 2012

What I won from Mollie's 100 follower giveaway!

I scheduled this post for last week and I only just realised it never went up, silly Blogger! I was wondering why I hadn't got any emails to say people had commented! Haha

The other day I recieved a lovely email from Mollie to say that I had won her 100 followers giveaway. I hardly ever win things, although recently I seem to be getting more lucky (click here to see another giveaway which I won a few weeks ago!)

The packaging was absolutely GORGEOUS, I was in awe when I opened it! It felt like Christmas getting to guess what was in each package and open each one!

Here is what I received:

As you can see, there was LOADS in the box!

This lipstick is called Belle and it's by 17. The colour is very buildable which is great as sometimes it is nice to wear a sheer colour for a change! This is a colour which I would of picked out myself, good choice Mollie! The formulation is very glossy and long lasting and now I want to try out more of these lipsticks in other shades!
I love love love all the nail varnishes aswell and I can't wait to try them all out!

 MUA eyeshaddow in shade 11 and 24

I clearly had too much fun with the pink stuffing...

Thankyou so much Mollie, I really love everything and I can't wait to try it all out! Oh and where did you get the box from, it will be prefect for storage!

Thankyou for reading, have a lovely day

Saturday, 9 June 2012

OOTD ft. Viva la Fiesta

A while ago I was asked by Hannah from Viva la Fiesta if I wanted to review one of their graphic T-Shirts. Viva la Fiesta is a brand new company, who make T-shirts which 'adorn photographic images that we feel epitomize all the things to love and celebrate bout being young' 
Their t-shirts are all £15, and you can get them in different colours/styles/designs, 10% of each sale goes to Make a Wish foundation, which is really lovely!

Top: Viva La Fiesta- Americano unisex grey tank top
Jeans: Primark
Earrings: Topshop
Necklace: Dorothy Perkins
The tshirt is really soft and a good quality and the graphic on the front is actually printed on the top, instead of it being an iron on design which is what I was expecting!
You could wear it so many different ways- with a denim shirt/denim jacket/cardigan etc. and shorts/disco pants/leggings/skirt it's so versatile!
They currently only have three designs, but I expect there will be more to come!

They are currently only accepting pre-orders before their launch in late July 

 as you can see the packaging is really nice which I love, it always makes it seem like Christmas when something is wrapped up with a ribbon on it!

on my nails I have Essie- Garnet and Technic-Carnival, I've had it on for around 4 days and that's why it's quite chipped! 

Hannah has literally just started her own blog- Hannah is wearing and I know she would really love it if you checked it out!
Thankyou again Hannah, I can't wait to wear this in the summer!

Thankyou for reading, have a lovely day