Friday, 17 August 2012

no hope

dress: H&M and DIY
belt: New Look
denim shirt: H&M
shoes: Primark
necklace: Dorothy Perkins
lips: Revlon lip butter 'raspberry pie'
earrings: Topshop
nails: orange nail art pen (you can also get these in Topshop/New Look/Accessorize) but it's very similar to the Models Own Hedkandi one!
shoes: Primark
bracelet: Italian Market
hair feathers:

sorry for the rubbishy photo at the top, I would of taken them outside but it was raining! Boo


  1. really love your style, and especially love the H&M dress; so simple but with the accessories look beaut'xx

  2. Great post! I love how your so detailed with everything. Your lipstick is gorgeous. And I see you're wearing Daisy- woot woot :D xx

  3. I love this outfit! Daisy is such a gorgeous smelling perfume.

    Charlotte xo

  4. Lovely cute outfit! Your nail colour is so cool, really bright and perfect for the summer x

  5. Your nail polish is gorgeous x

  6. Love your nail polish! And that's the problem with outdoor photos - bloody weather

  7. Yay for H&M! I love your style, it's so girly but different. I love how you do these posts with all of the pictures too! Makes it a lot easier on the eyes :)
    <3 xxxx

  8. I love how this outfit is casual but done up at the same time. And that necklace looks cool!

    Sandra from The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  9. I love the outfit, the best piece is the necklace to me though. x


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