Sunday, 12 August 2012


sorry for all the nail posts recently but whenever I post a photo of my nails to instagram people always ask me to do a blog post with some clearer photos!
The colours I used were:
● OPI 'Lucky Lucky Lavender'
● Essie 'Infatuation'
● Essie 'Mint Candy Apple'

I painted all my nails in mint candy apple and left it to dry, then I sponged about two thirds down my nail in the pink and once it was dry I did the top with the lilac and added a top coat, pretty simple really! 
I like them because they were simple to do, they're not too 'in your face' and they are pretty effective!

have you tried ombre nails before? Have you done a blog post on them before? Send me a photo or a link to your post I'd love to read any of them!


  1. I love your choice of colours, might try something similar out myself :)

  2. Wooo another one im going try out! ..did the last one in my own design everyone loved it!

  3. Infatuation needs to join my nail polish family. This is gorgeous, I've tried and failed at ombre and gradient nails many times. They're obviously not for me, but they look so pretty!

    Mollie xo

  4. Those look lovely! I tryed ombre twice, and it got all over my fingers, also it looked to messy so I took ot off! Typical perfectionist ://

  5. oh these look so cute. i have yet to try ombre </3

  6. Ooo love these! The colours work great together. Mint Candy Apple is one of my faves :) xx

  7. That looks amazing! Most people just do variations of a single colour but I love the contrast of the lavendar, pink and mint. It's eyecatching without being over the top :) x

  8. Oh wow, this is such a different Ombre-nail look, I've never seen one done in these kind of colours, they work so well together! And you've blended them very well, too xx

  9. Love the colours - so pretty!

    Check out my blog?


  10. Wow love these colours, kinda reminds me of tie dye :) x


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