Thursday, 16 August 2012

postcards from Italy

family photo, aw

bye bye rainy England

me and mum, aww

reading company magazine in the sun by the pool

sitting at the pool

sunbathing by the pool

so pretty!

oh hai, just on a boat trip

spaghetti ice cream (it's vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce and coconut!)

on the plane flying over where I live!

going for dinner

me and my sister on the boat, aw

favourite photo of me and mum on the island

the best ice cream I have EVER eaten! Watermelon and pistachio *drool*


me and mum at dinner

The Alps I think?

messy hair but on another boat


another ice cream from the same place- apple, peach and coconut this time!

 these are some of my instagram photos which I posted!
mint candy apple and technic carnival


view from a restaurant 

on the plane

tiny island!

really old Italian house

boat trip

the lake at 6am

plane entertainment

a really cool van

pretty flowers

I look really rough but about to get on the train!

sat at the pool

even more ice cream
checking in
going onto the pontoon at 6am on the first morning!
more ice cream? yes please

6am with no makeup on the first morning- hi!

these are just a few photos from my holiday in Italy last week! We went to lake Iseo which is in the North of Italy near Garda. I've been to Italy a couple of times before and I love it there!
We had a really good time, it was so hot (up to 41 degrees on one day!) The food was of course amazing and I think I had pizza at some point every single day... I'm sad to be back in rainy England and I wish I could of stayed there for another week!

Have you been on holiday yet or are you going anywhere soon? Let me know!


  1. Looks like an amazing holiday, I've never been to Italy but I'd love to go x

  2. Great pictures! I like this kind of post :) I was a bit horrified at the spaghetti ice cream but when I read it wasn't actually spaghetti flavoured I was more 'mm yummy' haha! Glad to hear you had such a good time! Your plane entertainment looks fab, as do all those views!


  3. Lovely photos! Looks like you had a great time :) x

  4. i actually did the opposite..i'm from italy and went to brighton..hahha.and basically spent the holidays reading company as well!

  5. Amazing pictures! You all look so similar haha! xxxxx

  6. It looks beautiful there and looks like you had such an amazing time!


  7. Amazing photos! Seems like you had a great time! Oh all the ice cream you ate, I envy you!! :)


  8. Everywhere looks so gorgeous, love the Ray bans and the food looks delish ;) x

  9. Beautiful photos, looks like you had a lovely time! You guys went for it on the ice cream then, haha. Can't blame you, Italian gelato is pretty amazing! Love your nails :)
    Mel x

  10. Those ice-creams look soo good! And I love the glittery nail look that you were sporting!

  11. Your holiday looks amazing :D I visited Italy last year, and love it so much, a beautiful country full of culture :D xx


  12. ahh looks like you had an amazing time! That coral dress looks beauts on you :) xoxo

  13. Wow Italy looks gorgeous! You've made me want to go now :) Your outfits are all really pretty, I love wearing dresses on holiday too!

    That ice-cream looks amazing! Genuinely looks like bolognese :P


  14. aw i've been here, its absolutely gorgeous.x


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