Monday, 3 September 2012

DIY: glitter keys!

We all need a bit of glitter in our lives, right? Well today I thought I would bring you another super easy DIY post! This is something which I saw on pinterest and I thought it was a good idea so I would give it a go and share it with you all!

It's so easy and there's literally no skill involved there's no excuses from you guys saying you can't do it! ;)
You will need:
♥ nail polish (I chose glitter ones but if you prefer you can obviously use plain colours)
♥ a key

I think you'll agree it's pretty self explanatory so I won't ramble on but just paint the top of your key in the colour of your choice! I did three coats on each side to make sure it was opaque.
The colours I used were:
Angelica 'pink glitter' (from Primark)
Barry M 'aqua glitter' swatches on my nails here
Models Own 'disco mix' swatches on my nails here

Let me know if you try this out, I'd love to take a look at them!


  1. I really love this idea, you picked gorgeous colours too! xx

  2. i love this diy! I saw it on pinterest a while back too and it was super easy to complete! Love the angelica polish xx

  3. These are amazing, definitely going to be doing this to my keys! aha :) x

  4. A few months ago I did the same to my keys but with regular nail polish, but yours look soooo much better with glitter, love it! xx

  5. Wow great DIY, i might actually try this! :p x

  6. This is such a good idea, love it x

  7. This is such a simple idea but it looks great, definitely trying this!


  8. A few days ago I did the same thing with my keys! :) xx

  9. I'm so happy I found you through the bbloggers blog hop - I love this idea!! xxx

  10. That's a really good idea! Am going to try it out I think! Just found you through the bbloggers hop x

  11. I am so doing this tomorrow! :D Thanks for the tip! I love Models Own Disco Mix, I just hate you can't get it nor order in in Belgium, the day I go to England (Yay to my school trip to London next year) I'll run into every single beauty store until I find this nail-polish!
    Fee xx

  12. i saw your instagram screenshot of this post and got really excited by the idea! i keep telling myself i'm going to do it but knowing me i probably won't. maybe i should go and do it now, but i'll probably forget by the time i finish this comment! really love the look of models own disco mix, i'm a huuuuuge models own fan so i have no idea why i don't actually have it! i've got barry m aqua glitter though so i'll probably use that too! such a great idea lovely :)

  13. These are so cute! On a side note.. I really want Aqua Glitter!

    Chelle x


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