Sunday, 30 September 2012

Rio professional nail art pens review

hey guys!
Today I have a review of the professional Rio nail art set. I first heard of Rio nail art pens from Sophie's blog a few months ago and I desperately wanted to try them ever since! I was so delighted when Rio contacted me to ask if I wanted to do a review of both the nail art pens* and their magnetic nail polish*.
this is the original set and it comes with a blue, red, white, green, silver, yellow, metallic purple and black nail art pens, a dvd with tips, rhinestones, paintbrush, glitter and some instruction manuals and inspiration leaflets.
The colours in this set are all very practical for nail art designs (I would of preferred it to have a normal pink than a metallic purple though as it would be more useful but oh well) The nail polish itself is very pigmented and creamy so you only need to do one coat of it (except the yellow which is quite sheer but still looks really good on white!) 
I decided 10 fingers wasn't enough to test them out so I created a whole nail wheel of brand new designs! (most of which I got inspiration from on Sophie's newest post!)
these are (no exaggeration) 100000x easier than dotting tools are to create intricate designs! One thing I would say though is you have to make sure the colour below is completely dry before starting on he next colour as the nib is so fine it's quite easy to accidentally scratch of the colour below if it isn't dry!
I think the main reason they are better than dotting tools is you can don't have to keep stopping to dip your dotting tool in the nail polish as it just comes out of the nib and they feel much more natural to hold than a dotting tool does. I really like how they have both a striper and a nib as you don't need to keep dirtying brushes/tools which are annoying to clean half way through doing your nails.
I really like how they have thought of all the details when making these- they have included a tiny pin on the bottom of each one which is small enough to fit into the nib and unclog it if any polish dries in there. Also they have a sturdy base on the bottom which is very good for when you're using the striper and it means they don't leak out of the nib if they are laying down.

Overall these are amaaazing products and I'm definitely going to order myself another set! There's the 'professional' which is what I've got, 'metallics', 'neon', and 'pastels'. Apart from the original one the neon is my favorite and is the one I'm eyeing up to get next!

These retail for £24.99 for a whole set or you can purchase them for £4.95 each. I think this is a reasonable price as if you get a set it works out as just over £4 each and they are really amazing quality! This is cheaper than the Models own ones which are aroun £6 each and they have no where near the amount of colours as Rio do!
Click here to be take to the Rio website and to check out their products

if you want me to do a separate tutorial of any of these let me know below!


although I was sent the Rio magnetic polishes for review purposes for this does not influence my review and is 100% honest as always


  1. My fave is the pow one hehe. My sisters have these and I love borrowing them :-) x

  2. Wow these look s good! But I think I'm gonna stick with my DIY dotting tool ;) xxx

  3. your so good at nail art, im so jealous, i love the pow one! xo

  4. Oh wow! The designs you can create with these look really amazing. I do my best with the dotting tools that I have but these look a lot easier to use. You're very skilled ^^ Love the cupcake nail ♥ xx

  5. Some lovely nail designs there :) given me inspiration.

  6. You've created some amazing designs!!
    But me saying that is nothing new, you know I'm a fan of your nailart!!


  7. OMG!!! Your designs are so creative and pretty!!! I'm a nail junkie just like you lol. These pens sound like a miracle, I thought my dotting tools and brushes were but now I want these. :)


  8. I definitely need to get these! I've wanted to buy the Models Own ones, but I've read a few negative reviews, so I decided not to.

    The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  9. This is sooooo cool!! :D x


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