Wednesday, 17 October 2012

birthday wishlist!

sooooo it's my birthday in a few days (this Sunday- the 21st of October to be exact) ans I love reading these posts (because I'm nosy I guess) so I thought I would share what's on my birthday wishlist with you!

Hairdryer: I used to have a really cute pink hairdryer with flowers on which I think I got for my birthday a while ago but sadly it broke so I need a new one! I'm not really bothered which because I think they're pretty much all the same!
RayBan tortoise shell 'clubmaster' sunglasses: I broke my other RayBan sunglasses when I was on holiday (sob sob) so I need a new pair! I love these ones but I might have a look on eBay to see if they have them any cheaper instead...
Puppy: my sister and I have been DYING to get a dog for years. We both have a puppy on our birthday/christmas list every single year so I thought I would put one on there anyway!
The Vaccines tickets: I've already seen them live a couple of months ago but I would love to go again! They have released their tour dates and I would love to go! I don't know if there's still any available though?!
Essie nail polish: the one in the picture is 'turquoise and caicos' I really like Essie nail polish so it's just a general thing on my wish list!
American Apparel 'galaxy glitter': this nail polish is SO pretty and there's nothing else like it! I have a bit of a 'thing' for glitter polish and I would love to receive this as a gift!
Liz Earle cleanse and polish: I've already gone through a couple of bottles of this but as it's quite expensive I would love to receive it as a gift instead as it does wonders for my skin!
AA Disco pants: after months of not letting myself try them on I persuaded myself to just see what they look like on. I now need a pair... I don't even know if they are considered 'cool' anymore but to be honest I don't care- they are amazing.
Cath Kidston purse: I'm in need of a new purse and I really like this one! Everything I have from there has lasted an age and I'm slowly but surely turning the whole contents of my bag into Cath Kidston one thing at a time!
Cath Kidston scarf: I love this scarf and I think it would be perfect for spring (even though that is months away) but it's about £45 which I think is ridiculous for a scarf (boo). I'd quite like a red tartan one too but forgot to include a photo! I saw in styleandsushi's new post that she found one in her local H&M so hopefully the English ones have them too!
Cath Kidston cardigan: I think everyone needs a cream cardigan and this one is just so soft and nice and I'm like dying for it. The only downside again is that it's about £55 (double boo) they also have it in green and burgundy which I like too but I think cream would go with more!

Anyway that's it! Obviously I'm not expecting to receive all of this as it would be very expensive but as it's christmas in a few months (can I hear a woop woop?!) my wish list is kind of joint between them!

is it your birthday soon? What's on your wish list?


  1. happy birthday! i hope you get all you want!

  2. I think you know what I want for my birthday :p x

  3. Happy early birthday! I think I want most stuff on this list too haha! xxx

  4. Hope you have a great Birthday its mine in a week to :)x

  5. Hope you have a good birthday this weekend, i love the two nail polishes :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  6. Hope you get some amazing things for your birthday. That Cath Kidston cardigan is gorgeous!! xx

  7. Hope you have a lovely birthday! Its mine on the 2nd November woop cant wait haha check out my wishlist if you want
    mines the same its joint between birthday and christmas haha xx

  8. Those sunglasses have been on my wishlist forever, when I finally convinced myself to buy them I couldn't find them anymore! Bummer!
    And it's so amazing your birthday is on a sunday, mine's always the first week after vacation so I'm all moody during that day! :p


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