Sunday, 14 October 2012

Primark nail polish review/NOTD

hey everyone!
This post had been sat in my drafts for like forever- I completely forgot about it so sorry it's late!

I was chatting to the lovely lovely Helen from Beautifully Superfluous ages ago on twitter during a #bbloggers chat about the Primark nail polish. Helen being the really really lovely person that she is said that the next time she was in her Primark she would send me a set to try out because I couldn't find them in my local (which isn't really all that local) Primark.
They arrived in the post a couple of days ago and the first thing I noticed was the really lovely colours that were in the set! They don't have names but there's a pink, purple, blue and mint green colour. I pretty much immediately got out my nail wheels and got swatching! The little leopard print box that they come in is really cute too, and I think it would make a nice inexpensive present/stocking filler!
I've swatched them all and painted them all on my nails but I can't for the life of me find the photos of them, but here's what they look like!

and here's what I thought of them...
I haven't tried any of the Primark beauty range before (except for a fake tanning mitt) so I didn't have a benchmark to compare them to. The actual formulas of all the colours were really creamy and very opaque, which to be honest I wasn't expecting at all! I chose to do two coats on all of them but I could probably get away with just one coat, especially with the pink one which is the most opaque!
The brush is similar to the Barry M ones, which are one of my favourites! (not too big, not too small) and it also doesn't com out streaky on the nails!
The only negative thing I have to say about these is the lid is slightly awkward to hold as it is quite round and short if you get what I mean but this doesn't really affect the finished result so I'm not complaining!
The mint colour is pretty similar to the infamous 'mint candy apple' from Essie which I have and love so if you're looking for a cheaper alternative for it and don't want to splash out £7.99 for a nail polish (ridiculous, I know) then give these a shot!
They've lasted three days so far on my nails without chips which is pretty impressive if you ask me!
I'm in love with these nail polishes, I'm not sure how much they were as they were a gift but I'm guessing it wouldn't be a lot! The next time I'm in a larger Primark I'm definitely going to have a look to see which other colours they have!

Have you tried Primark nail polish before? Which other colours are available? 

Don't forget to check out Helen's blog!


  1. This set of nail polishes looks amazing,I'm definitely going to have to pick them up :) xo

  2. The purple shade is pretty :)

  3. Ive been wanting to try these for ages but never did because i didnt think they'd be that great but im defiantly going to give them a try now! xx

  4. Aw thats nice of her to send them! They look so nice, especially the pink :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  5. I've got nearly all the collections of Primark nail polishes except the metallic ones (and another one I think as well).
    They're £2 for a set of 4 so they're definitely inexpensive :) xx

  6. I love the pink. That's such a good price for nice nailvarnish!

  7. i really like these colours!

  8. considering these are primark (not that i have a clue about nail varnish or anything because i'm obviously a man) but these look amazing.. i love the colours of them! x

  9. They look a lot nicer than i'd expect from primark nail polishes!

  10. The colours look really lovely Islay! Very fun and "Springy" LOL
    I'm a sucker for pastels so the mint and the baby blue would be my favourites. I'm glad you're enjoying these! It's so cool when we buy stuff, don't expect much of it and it turns out to be of amazing good quality : ) xx

  11. These are lovely colours! I have a metallic/glittery themed set from Primark but the only thing I find is they really smell! More than normal nail varnish. Did you find this at all? xx

  12. Awww cute colours! I actually didn't expct them to be o nice and last 3 days!



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