Saturday, 10 November 2012

20 steps to how I edit my blog photos!

I constantly get asked how I edit my photos/which programs I use/how I get it in a collage etc, so I thought I would do a post showing you exactly what I do!

Step 1. take your photos (duh). I always take much more than I think I'll need because it's easier to delete some than to go back and take more! For example, outfit posts I usually end up with 50-80 photos, nail photos I usually end up with about 10-15 and  for an empties/favourites post I will usually take about 20-30. This way you're much more likely to get some good ones!

Step 2. go to

Step 3. click on 'create a collage'

Step 4. select your photos

Step 5. change the frame design- I usually go for one of the pinter-etsy or jigsaw ones because they have lots of shapes and sizes

Step 6. resize the dimension width to fit your blog (mine is 650px wide (it doesn't matter about the height))

Step 7. change the spacing/corner roundness. I always go for 10 and 5%

Step 8. add the photos to the collage by clicking and dragging it across to the frame

Step 9. change the sizes of the boxes by clicking and dragging and remove any you don't need (hover over the box and a small 'X' will come up). You can also add more photos by dragging one between two photos

Step 10. click on the save button

Step 11. rename your image and always use the largest file size setting

Step 12. once it's saved click on the small cross in the top right corner and then select 'edit a photo'

Step 13. change the exposure of your image. Depending on the photo I usually make it brighter and increase the contrast of it

Step 14. click on the potion bottle to get the colour filters

Step 15. I always use the 'cross process' effect. Since this is a nail of the day photo and you don't want to change the colour I'm going to increase the fade of it but if I'm doing an outfit post I'll do a 50% fade

Step 16. go onto the shapes icon and add a circle

Step 17. add it to your photo and if you want change the opacity (fade) I set mine to 35% and I use the colour #FF99AD

Step 18. go onto the font bit and add your text. I use quicksand font

Step 19. now all you have to do is save it- click on the button at the top of the page

Step 20. select 'Russel' for the best quality and you're done!

and this is how it looks when it is finished! (you might recognise it from a recent NOTD post!)

this is just a quick guide to how I edit my photos. I don't edit all of my photos exactly this way but probably 90% of my blog photos I do like this! is such a good (free) website to use and it's really simple too for people like me who don't have a clue how to Photoshop!

If I haven't explained something very well or you need extra help leave a comment, email me ( or tweet me (@islaay_x) with your questions!


  1. I love using picmonkey for editing photos. It's so easy to use, plus the fact it's free is a bigger bonus.

    I had a go with photoshop at college, and had absolutely no idea where to start, this is so much easier but you can do so many of the same effects!

    Charlotte xo

  2. This post is amazing, you have explained everything so well and I have no idea about photoshop either!! I have just had a play around and it looks so simple, thank you for sharing and good work in explaining it :) xxx

  3. I use Picmonkey but I wasn't aware of all the features! I will be playing around with it some more! x

  4. This was so helpful and amazing! I've always thought your pictures were gorgeous :D
    I'm off to play with PicMonkey now!

    Mollie xo

  5. Thankyou for sharing, this was very helpful!

    Efia @


  6. Great tutorial! I use picmonkey to edit my pics, it really is great. Never thought about using a collage the way you did though so I will be experimenting soon!


  7. HI!!! I'm your new follower, I love your nail arts I've seen on twitter and this colour is absolutely great for winter&autumn ... xxx

  8. Great tutorial! Never used picmonkey but have been recommended it quite a few times!xx

  9. Great post! I've always wondered how to get the icons on but thought you had to have photoshop. Think I will test out picmonkey! Bookmarking this page :)


  10. Believe it or not I'd never even heard of picmonkey! Thank you so much for this!

  11. Picmonkey is my favourite too!:)

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  13. definitely will start using this! thank you so much


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