Thursday, 29 November 2012


Photobucket just a quick post to show you my most recent nail art creation! I was feeling indecisive so I went for a bit of everything! I used the Rio nail art pens which I reviewed here to create all of the designs. They would work well with any colour but I chose black and white because they obviously contrast the most!
I don't like the leopard print ones at all, simply because I know I can do them much better! I should of taken that nail off and started again but oh well.

It's the first of December in a couple of days which can only mean one thing- CHRISTMAS NAILS.

What do you have on your nails right now? Do you have any requests for me to do?


  1. I love these, my favourite is the half moon manicure x

  2. Ooh so pretty! I'd say my favourites are either the spotty ones, the trianlge thumb, or the heart :)
    I have Models Own Copperpot on my nails right this moment but I think I'll do them later on! :) xx

  3. They look so pretty! Can't wait to see your Christmas nails! xxx

  4. These are so lovely! Looking forward to some Christmas nails inspiration! :) xxxxx

  5. Awesome nails! But it looks time-consuming!

    Belle Epoque

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