Friday, 2 November 2012

pretty photos!

there's no real point to this post but I've been loving Pinterest recently and especially my 'pretty things' board! There are a few of my favourite photos from the pinboard and I thought I would share them with you! If you don't know what Pinterest is then it's sort of like an online pin board where you can create different boards and 'repin' photos from other people's pin boards! I would really recommend signing up if you aren't already (it's free!)
If I could like live in a world which only had these colours (pale pinks, mint greens and creams) in I would be a very happy girl indeed.

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  1. Lovely pictures :)

  2. I love your Pinterest Islay! Mine is I love the vintage cameras!xx

  3. I love those little blue jars :) Now following you and my link is :) x

  4. Those pics are amazing! All together they just look like a perfect little world! :) xxx

  5. Really pretty pictures!


  6. Beautiful pictures! I've followed you on Pinterest - mine is :-)



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