Monday, 12 November 2012

the eBay blush pallette

hi everyone, today I have a review of the infamous eBay blush palette. I first saw this on twitter and pretty much purchased it straight away! I usually wouldn't buy makeup from eBay but seeing as it wasn't going near my eyes or straight onto my skin I figured it would be alright.
This arrived literally ages and ages ago but I've been testing it out for a while to give it a fair review and so can tell you my thoughts on it!
The packaging is very compact and simple which is nice and it looks quite similar to the mac palettes. Inside you get ten different colours- both matte and shimmery but none of them are overly glittery which I really like. There are a wide range of shades going from hot pink to orange to mauve. The actual formulation of them is very creamy and soft and does not reflect the price at all!
As I said earlier I was skeptical about trying these as they weren't from a 'proper' brand but my skin has been absolutely fine with them which is great!
If I had to pick my favourite it would have to be number one as I think it suits my skin tone the best but they are all really pretty colours!

Oh and I can't believe I didn't mention the price! It was an extremely bargainous £3.62 with free delivery!
Overall this is a great palette for the price and if you're new to makeup or blush it is a great way to try out different shades to see what suits you and looks good on your skin tone!
Here is a link to the seller I bought it from- it came really well packaged in polystyrene and bubble wrap and all the blushes were in perfect condition when it arrived (delivery was around two weeks from Hong Kong) They have 99.2% positive feedback which is really good and I've just been having a browse through their other items and I'm eyeing up this eyeshadow palette too!


  1. Oh my goood I need this in my life! What a bargain! The colours look lovely and it's perfect indeed to find out which shades would suit you xx

  2. I have the eyeshadow palette it's really good for the price and I've had no problems with them only minor fall out from the sparkly shades but that's all xx

  3. WOW this is so cheap, I need this in my life! Thank you for sharing :D


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