Saturday, 24 November 2012

what's in my shower!

I thought this video might be fun to do and you can see what beauty products I keep in my shower and use on a regular basis!
I forgot to show you my nails and I knew I would get questions on them so I included a photo underneath the video! I'll do a post in a couple of days showing you the products I used!


  1. What's that thing that looks like a Clairsonic that you've got? Would you recommend it? xxx

  2. I love the colour of your bathroom :) Great nails x

  3. i love posts like these! Everything in your bathroom looks so cute and orderly!

  4. Love the nails! Your blog header is adorable!
    Following you through the BBLOGGERS hop. I am a new fashion blogger. Would love any support back.

    Thank you


  5. Cute video, jealous that I don't own much of that stuff as I can't use it.
    Oh and I've added the tangled teezer to my amazon wish basket xo

  6. Ahhhh I need to get my hands on a tangle teezer! You make me so jealous with all your Soap & Glory products! I neeeed more Soap and Glory products!! xx

  7. I need everything in your bathroom. Everything. I don't know whether to get the tangle teezer or not because my hair is always so knotty, I'll brush it and the minute I step outside it will go back to being knotty haha xx

  8. Hey there, I just found you from the #bbloggers blog hop this week!

    Your layout is gorgeous, I'm glad I came across your blog! You should try the mint chocolate shower gel, OMG, so good!

    Consider yourself to have a new follower ;) let me know if you stop by my blog too!

  9. Hi!! I've tried the Original Source product last time I went in UK and I'm totally in love with them,(Lemon one is dope!!!) I tought there were too many products shown in my shower but after this post ... if we enter in a competition no doubt you'll win!


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