Wednesday, 30 January 2013

running so far away, so far away

♥ cardigan: H&M
♥ boots: clarks
♥ necklace: topshop
♥ top: primark
♥ tights: jack wills
♥ watch: river island
♥ lipstick: rimmel apocolips 'big bang'
♥ skirt: tesco
♥ earrings: topshop

If you've been looking at my outfit posts recently you're probably starting to notice a theme with the same necklace, scarf and boots- I wear them all the time and they are so easy to put together! I've been wearing my hair like this quite a bit recently too, it makes a change from having a center parting and it gets my hair out my face which is good for when it's windy!
In these photos I had some rubbish ombre nails (check my instagram which is 'islaay' for photos) but I have since painted them with cupcakes!

The title for this post is from 'beach' by San Cisco by the way!

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

cupcake nails #2

I feel like I haven't done a nail post in ages, I've sort of ran out of ideas so if you have any ideas then please leave a comment with any suggestions! I've done a post on these before back in November but with a different colour scheme with yellows and pinks instead of blues and purples but I like both of them!
I was going to post an outfit today but I've done quite a few outfit posts recently so I thought I would change it up a bit and do a nail art one!
The colours I used were from essie and rimmel mostly and the details were with the Rio nail art pens as always- if you want to know a specific polish shade then please leave a comment with your twitter or email and I'll let you know!
Oh and my jumper is from Ever Ours- I bought it in the sale a couple of days ago and it arrived in the post this morning! I really like the colour of it- I don't think I have anything else this colour!

Talking of cake is making me hungry now- some cupcakes would be quite nice! ;)

Sunday, 27 January 2013

running from the heat

♥ dress: topshop
♥ scarf: H&M
♥ shoes: select
♥ watch: river island
♥ tights: jack wills
♥ lipstick: rimmel apocolips 'big bang'

I've had this scarf for what seems like ages now and I still wear it all the time- it was such a bargain and I'm so glad I bought it when I did as I'm not sure if they still stock it! It's such a staple piece to me and it goes with practically anything!
I bought this dress the other day after wanting it for what seems like forever and I'm in love! They also had a grey one and a burgundy one which I also have my eye on! I like the little speckles in the material- they make it look more expensive than it was! Oh and I bought it in two sizes smaller than I normally am- Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout dvd I LOVE YOU! I bought the apocolips in my lunch break yesterday, I *think* the concept of it is that it's meant to be a liquid lipstick but it's honestly so pigmented and lasts really well on the lips! I really need to stop buying red lipstick though as now I'm gathering quite a collection of similar shades...
I bought these shoes about a week before christmas, wore them once and then forgot I had them and I just found them under my bed (I need to tidy my room more really). They weren't very expensive and they aren't really that comfortable but oh well!
Oh and I wore a necklace (the one in this post) when I went out but forgot to take a photo with it on (duh) so sorry about that!

the title is from the song 'go slow' by Haim by the way!

have you got anything nice planned for this week?

Friday, 25 January 2013

bring back 1996

♥ dress: new look
♥ jumper: H&M
♥ necklace: topshop
♥ tights: jack wills
♥ watch: river island
♥ bag: la moda*
♥ boots: clarks
♥ lipstick: rimmel kate moss 107

I don't think I could of worn a more black and grey outfit if I'd tried (even my coat and gloves that I wore with this when I went out were both black and grey...). I like how my dress which looks quite partyish as I bought it for christmas parties and that sort of thing back in December has doubled up as a skirt which is fine for everyday wear like this so it's saved me buying a skirt too! I wore it the other day with a burgundy jumper from H&M over the top and I quite liked it so maybe I'll do another post wearing that soon! I did my nails like this last night- as you probably know by now I'm kind of  very into nails but I just can't get the hang of ombre ones- I just need more practice I think! If you were wondering I used mint candy apple from Essie and the pink was also an Essie on but it doesn't have a name on, sorry!
I'm not really doing that much this weekend except for working and finishing off my photography coursework and doing homework (boring). I bought myself a new dress in Topshop earlier today which I can't wait to wear as I've been meaning to get it for ages- it's this one, and while I was in there I spotted so many more dresses that I NEED to get- bye bye money! Oooh and I've very nearly saved up to get myself an iMac (I think I might go for this one with the 21.5 inch screen instead of the macbook laptops but I haven't completely made up my mind yet), I've wanted one for yeaaaaars and I can't wait to actually buy it!

Oh and the title of this song is a lyric from the song 1996 by the Wombats which I discovered thanks to Ellie and her amazing music taste. Check out her blog, it's cool!

have you ever worn a dress as a skirt by putting a top or a jumper over the top?

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


♥ Revlon 'va va violet' lipstick
♥ SHF false eyelashes style 0058* (full range here)
if you want to know any of the other products I used then leave a comment with your email or twitter and I'll let you know what they are!

I've been looking for a dark purple lipstick for a while so when I saw Revlon had just the shade I had been searching for in one of my favourite formulas (super-lustrous) I knew I had to get it! I've only worn it twice so far but lots of people have said they liked it and I've had loads of people asking which lipstick it is! The colour is perfect for this time of year and I quite like the vampy sort of look!
 It's the same formula as my favourite lipstick which is called 'cherries in the snow' which I mention all the time on here and wear loads too. They're not super long lasting on the lips and you have to re-apply every couple of hours to keep up the colour but I think this is due to the formula being so creamy and moisturising. I love both of them and I want to pick up some more colours after pay day! Oh and they're currently only £5 in Boots so if you're feeling brave then I would really recommend  one of those two colours but they also have plenty of more natural colours in the range too!
It's not like me to wear false eyelashes but these ones are fairly natural looking so I'd say they would be suitable to wear during the day or at night. They come with the glue included so you don't have to buy your own one which is useful, especially if you don't wear them often. They were really easy to apply even for a newbie like me who doesn't wear lashes regulary as they have clear instructions on the back to make them even easier to apply. The different lengths of these lashes helps to add length and volume to your natural ones, making them look fuller and longer. I had to give them a bit of a trim at the ends so that they fitted my eye properly but once they were on they were comfortable enough to wear all day and they didn't start to fall off either which often can happen! Again you can buy them here

would you wear purple lipstick or do you prefer more subtle colours?

Monday, 14 January 2013

cause you said ours were the lighthouse towers

shoes: clarks
socks: topshop
jeans: H&M
top: internacionale
necklace: topshop
lipstick: Revlon 'cherries in the snow'
nails: Barry M 'raspberry'
bag: La Moda*
watch: river island

so today it snowed- I don't really like the snow unless it's enough to cancel school (which it wasn't) and I wanted to take some outfit photos in it but didn't get the chance! These photos are from a few days ago, it was actually so sunny that day considering it's January (I did wear a coat when I went out btw).
I got these boots in the Clarks sale for around £60, they look like the Topshop ones but I think they're more comfortable than them as I tried the Topshop ones on a month or so before I got these ones- I think they're a nice height too and are fine to wear all day!
When I took these photos I'd had my nail polish on for SIX DAYS, and as you can see they're practically chip free- nails inc. base and top coats I love you!

I won this bag from La Moda on twitter and I love it so much! It's big enough to fit A4 folders in which makes it ideal for sixth form and it has lots of pockets inside so everything doesn't fall to the bottom of your bag! There are quite a few variations of it in different colours, with and without the studs and even some with animal print on! I'm tempted to buy myself another one as they're all around £20-£25 which is a bargain!

Thursday, 10 January 2013

dreaming of summer

seeing as it's the middle of a very glum winter over here in England, I thought I would share with you some lovely summery photos which I found on pinterest! I just want it to be summer again, roll on ice creams, flip flops and bikinis- yay!
Are you going on holiday anywhere nice this year? If not, let me know where your dream holiday would be! I would do anything to be sat by an Italian lake in the sun with some real Italian ice cream again right now- it doesn't seem only 6 months ago I was doing just that!

Monday, 7 January 2013

messy bun hair tutorial

if I remember rightly I haven't done a hair tutorial before! I was going to do it as a blog post but I think a video is much easier for you to see what I'm doing! I should of done it with second day hair because it works much better!

Sunday, 6 January 2013

2012 nail art round-up

I thought I would do a post showing you my favourite nail art designs I have created over the past year! I've really got into doing my nails this past year and I'm excited to see what new nail trends will come out in 2013 such as the caviar, velvet and leather nails that we've seen this year!

I'm (sort of) running out of nail art ideas so if you have any ideas please let me know! I get most of my inspiration from pinterest and I have a whole board on there dedicated to designs I want to try!