Friday, 25 January 2013

bring back 1996

♥ dress: new look
♥ jumper: H&M
♥ necklace: topshop
♥ tights: jack wills
♥ watch: river island
♥ bag: la moda*
♥ boots: clarks
♥ lipstick: rimmel kate moss 107

I don't think I could of worn a more black and grey outfit if I'd tried (even my coat and gloves that I wore with this when I went out were both black and grey...). I like how my dress which looks quite partyish as I bought it for christmas parties and that sort of thing back in December has doubled up as a skirt which is fine for everyday wear like this so it's saved me buying a skirt too! I wore it the other day with a burgundy jumper from H&M over the top and I quite liked it so maybe I'll do another post wearing that soon! I did my nails like this last night- as you probably know by now I'm kind of  very into nails but I just can't get the hang of ombre ones- I just need more practice I think! If you were wondering I used mint candy apple from Essie and the pink was also an Essie on but it doesn't have a name on, sorry!
I'm not really doing that much this weekend except for working and finishing off my photography coursework and doing homework (boring). I bought myself a new dress in Topshop earlier today which I can't wait to wear as I've been meaning to get it for ages- it's this one, and while I was in there I spotted so many more dresses that I NEED to get- bye bye money! Oooh and I've very nearly saved up to get myself an iMac (I think I might go for this one with the 21.5 inch screen instead of the macbook laptops but I haven't completely made up my mind yet), I've wanted one for yeaaaaars and I can't wait to actually buy it!

Oh and the title of this song is a lyric from the song 1996 by the Wombats which I discovered thanks to Ellie and her amazing music taste. Check out her blog, it's cool!

have you ever worn a dress as a skirt by putting a top or a jumper over the top?


  1. Your nails look so cool :) x

  2. Lovee your skirt & nails! x

  3. Love your watch!

    Kamila x

  4. In love with your boots, the whole outfit matches together really well! ehe.
    Imogen <3

  5. Islaaay you look gorgeous!! That watch is so prettyyy I love it!


  6. really like the la moda bag! had a little look on their website and now i feel a bit inclined to buy myself one...oops! haha
    ellie xox c:

  7. gorgeous outfit, i really love dresses that can be also used as a skirt!xx

    vintage teapot//fashion, beauty & life

  8. I've tried this with my burgundy skater dress from Topshop :) such a good idea! especially in winter!
    I love your nail polish too - my fave colours :D
    N xoxo
    The Blonde Ethos

  9. I love the velvet skirt/dress! xx

  10. Love this outfit! That lipstick looks so much darker on you than on me, I wish it was this colour when I wear it! x


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