Thursday, 10 January 2013

dreaming of summer

seeing as it's the middle of a very glum winter over here in England, I thought I would share with you some lovely summery photos which I found on pinterest! I just want it to be summer again, roll on ice creams, flip flops and bikinis- yay!
Are you going on holiday anywhere nice this year? If not, let me know where your dream holiday would be! I would do anything to be sat by an Italian lake in the sun with some real Italian ice cream again right now- it doesn't seem only 6 months ago I was doing just that!


  1. This post has made me want to go on holiday so badly! We normally book holidays in March so i'm so praying we will this year! xx

  2. Oh lots of skinny girls! Must get to the gym! I am dreaming of summer on my blog too :)
    Milly xx

  3. Ohh this post is making me want to work for my bikini body!
    I haven't booked a summer holiday yet, but definitely need to get round to doing it soon,
    I'm now following you :)

  4. i am just obsessed with your blog! also, this post makes me feel so much wanderlust :D

  5. These make me want summer sooo bad! x

  6. Waaah this post made me want summer so bad :(


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