Sunday, 27 January 2013

running from the heat

♥ dress: topshop
♥ scarf: H&M
♥ shoes: select
♥ watch: river island
♥ tights: jack wills
♥ lipstick: rimmel apocolips 'big bang'

I've had this scarf for what seems like ages now and I still wear it all the time- it was such a bargain and I'm so glad I bought it when I did as I'm not sure if they still stock it! It's such a staple piece to me and it goes with practically anything!
I bought this dress the other day after wanting it for what seems like forever and I'm in love! They also had a grey one and a burgundy one which I also have my eye on! I like the little speckles in the material- they make it look more expensive than it was! Oh and I bought it in two sizes smaller than I normally am- Jillian Michaels 30 day shred workout dvd I LOVE YOU! I bought the apocolips in my lunch break yesterday, I *think* the concept of it is that it's meant to be a liquid lipstick but it's honestly so pigmented and lasts really well on the lips! I really need to stop buying red lipstick though as now I'm gathering quite a collection of similar shades...
I bought these shoes about a week before christmas, wore them once and then forgot I had them and I just found them under my bed (I need to tidy my room more really). They weren't very expensive and they aren't really that comfortable but oh well!
Oh and I wore a necklace (the one in this post) when I went out but forgot to take a photo with it on (duh) so sorry about that!

the title is from the song 'go slow' by Haim by the way!

have you got anything nice planned for this week?


  1. Really cute outfit, I really like your watch as well :) xx

  2. Well done with the 30 Day Shred and also yay for finally getting this dress haha! I love that Apocalips on you! xxx

  3. gorgeous outfit! wow 2 sizes smaller thanks to the 30 day shred, i need to try that, hehe!xx

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  4. Cute dress (I have it too!) it looks awesome with the tartan scarf too xx

  5. You look gorgeous! That dress is brilliant, I have it in two different colours because I love it so much! It looks lovely on everyone, and looks amazing with your tartan scarf too! xxx

  6. ISLAY YOU GORGEOUS THING! I want that dress!!!! And the rimmel apocolips!! It's gorgeous! Wow 2 sizes down!! That's amazing lovely! :) x Laura

  7. super cute outfit and cosy to with the knitted tights!...i love knitted tights hehe
    Your latest follower ,check out my blog too x

  8. I've got this scarf too, it just goes with everything and I always get a few compliments when I wear it! You look lovely in these photos!

    Chloe xxxxx

  9. I love this outfit! You look absolutely gorgeous! I adore tartan scarfs, I desperately need to get my mitts on one! They look amazing! Your dress and shoes are super cute too.
    I think your hair looks lovely too, sweet!
    Mia x

  10. love that dress- i neeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeed. lovely outfit xx

  11. thate dress us very very lovely I am going to have to put that on another list of things to buy beacuse of Islay! xxx

  12. Lovely outfit hun! Love the scarf and shoes xx

  13. Love that scarf! And those tights :)


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