Wednesday, 30 January 2013

running so far away, so far away

♥ cardigan: H&M
♥ boots: clarks
♥ necklace: topshop
♥ top: primark
♥ tights: jack wills
♥ watch: river island
♥ lipstick: rimmel apocolips 'big bang'
♥ skirt: tesco
♥ earrings: topshop

If you've been looking at my outfit posts recently you're probably starting to notice a theme with the same necklace, scarf and boots- I wear them all the time and they are so easy to put together! I've been wearing my hair like this quite a bit recently too, it makes a change from having a center parting and it gets my hair out my face which is good for when it's windy!
In these photos I had some rubbish ombre nails (check my instagram which is 'islaay' for photos) but I have since painted them with cupcakes!

The title for this post is from 'beach' by San Cisco by the way!


  1. Greens suit you SO much! Ahhhh so pretty! xxx

  2. Love this outfit! Your lip colour is amazing, just another reason for me to buy one of the apocalips ahh! xo

    Thanks for sending me your link in the #bbloggers chat, I love your blog, new follower! xo

  3. beeaauuuttiiffffuuul! i am so going to have to buy and appocolips ;) xxx

  4. I really love the green cardigan on you it looks beautiful :) Your lips look incredible!
    Love Holly x

  5. You look so beautiful. What a gorgeous cardigan x

  6. Your hair is super pretty! Also the tights look so cosy!

  7. Gorgeous outfit huni! I love your necklace, Topshop always has some really nice Jewellery! Xx

  8. Everything you're wearing looks so great together and on you! Love the boots especially! xxx

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