Monday, 4 February 2013

50 facts about me tag

today I thought I would be super duper original and do one of these '50 facts about me' posts- loads of bloggers have done this tag or one similar recently which I've really enjoyed reading as you get to know more about the blogger so I thought I would do one of my own so you can get to know me a bit better (if you don't leave half way through due to boredom...)
here we go!

1. I have an unhealthy obsession with nail polish and hate going out without it on- my hands look naked!
2. I am left handed and concequently my writing is always messy
3. One of my favourite things to do is baking
4. I am a very fussy eater
5. I love anything that's pink or floral (as you may be able to tell from my bedroom and blog)
6. I hate getting my hair cut- I'm always scared they will do it wrong

7. I hardly ever brush my hair so it's constantly in one big knot
8. Watermelon is my favourite fruit
9.  I live with my mum, dad and 13 year old sister called Freya
10. My makeup doesn't feel complete unless I have my bright lipstick on 
11. I hate being tickled
12. I'm technically Scottish (both my parents are Scottish but I've lived in England my whole life)
13. You say my name eye-la
14. I can't sleep without my teddy bear
15. I absolutely HATE moths
16. The first concert I went to was Rihanna
17. I can't do accents to save my life
18. I can't sleep without socks on- I hate having cold feet
19. I always change into my pjamas or leggings when I get home- they're so much more comfortable!
20. Bubble baths are one of my favourite things and I spend most evenings in them
21. I very rarely cry at films or books
22. I only like funny films (my favourites are mean girls, stepbrothers and the hangover)
23. I am amazing at procrastinating and I would much rather clean (which I hate) than do homework/revision 
24. I always say I will do something and completely forget
26. I have never dyed my hair- I'm too scared
27. I hate things touching my face, it makes me cringe
28. I'm very wimpish when it comes to blood/pain
29. I spend too much time on twitter
30. Pink is my favourite colour
31. When I was 4 I broke my arm by standing up and spinning round on a spinny office chair

32. I'm much more of a dog person than a cat person- my favourite dogs are either a pug/golden retriever
33. I work part time in the shoe shop Russell and Bromley
34. My favourite pizza toppings is cheese, chicken, pesto, red onion and spinnach- YUM
35. I don't eat meat except for chicken 
36. I can't take naps or I'll be up all night
37. I've never tried tea before but I know won't like it...
38. ...and therefore I also don't know how to make a cup of tea
39. I used to sail most weekends in a dinghy called an RS Feva- I competed for GBR in two world    championships, a European championship and several national championships
40. I actually love Nicki Minaj (don't judge me)
41. I have no idea what I want to be when I'm older
42. I love pesto pasta
43. I've had my blog since October 2011 but for the first 6 months I pretty much just blogged to myself...
44. I've only moved house once- when I was 6
45. I'm currently saving up for an iMac- I've needed a new computer for ages and I can't wait to get it
46. I'm in sixth form studying geography, photography, business and biology
47. I spend too much time on social media websites
48. I would absolutely love to spend a Christmas/New Years in New York
49. If I could pick anywhere to live it would definitely be London- it's just so cool there
50. I don't have any piercing except my ear lobes- I've wanted my cartilage pierced on my right ear for years and I would love it if my dad would let me get it done (yes dad I know you're reading this. PLEASE.)

and there we go- I hope you learnt something new! I'd love to read yours if you've done one so please link it below if you have!


  1. I literally just put up this post too, so much fun! :)

  2. i'm left handed too and omg, my writing is so bad and i end up with ink all down the side of my hand! so annoying! x

  3. You can tell by your name that you have Scottish heritage haha. I love the Scottish Islands and I want to travel round them all, have you ever been to Islay? x

  4. Im left handed too! It would seem reading this that we also have many other things in common!

  5. We are so similar - it's scary aha!xx

    I've just done this post to!

  6. haha, its crazy. I put a post up like this yesterday too, 25 facts.
    OMG I would love to spend christmas in New York too, that would be unreal! :) x

  7. I would totally move to London now if I could! Seems so much more fun? And non boring. Haha
    I hate getting my hair cut because of the same reason! I get too worried! Haha
    Hareem xx

  8. I have no idea what I want to do when I get older either :/ Great facts, I defineitly learned some new things about you!

  9. You have such a beautiful name!

    I tried 25 facts about me, couldnt quite think up as many as you =P

  10. This post has inspired me to include a '50 things' bit about me on my own blog 'about me' page (I'll get round to it soon!) I didn't know you worked in R&B - the Chi store? Coming to stalk ya... (not really, don't fret haha!) And the pizza you described sounds amazing...nom! xx

  11. Omg I'm quite similar to you actually haha! I prefer dogs, I've never dyed my hair, I'm scared the hairdresser will cut my hair wrong, I'm wimpish too ...

    I shan't go on but it was fun reading this!^^

    Belle Epoque

  12. Great post! Agreed about the hair cut! Going to the hairdressers terrifies me because they've screwed up before!

  13. These posts are so much fun! Moths are my worst nightmare, when I was at University in Chichester one flew through my bedroom window and flew around my room. It was that big I thought it was a bird :O Your name is beautiful! Xx

  14. I love these sorts of posts :) Its great to get to know the person behind the blog!


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