Tuesday, 26 February 2013

my everyday makeup products and mini reviews

this is pretty much the sort of makeup I wear on a day to day basis, pretty neutral with a bright lip and a bit of eyeliner! I like to keep it quite natural and don't go overboard with loads of mascara or really thick foundation etc because if I'm just going to sixth form or work then I really don't see the need for it! Here is the products I used and I have included swatches of all of them at the end for you! Let me know if you like this sort of post, I've done a couple of 'face of the day' type posts recently and they seem to be going down quite well! (here and here)
base products:
collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer: I swear pretty much everyone that's remotely into beauty products has this and loves it- I am one of those people and I do indeed love it
nivea daily essentials tinted day cream: I mix this in with my foundation to make the coverage lighter as it is a tinted moisturiser and the foundation can be quite a heavy coverage. I never hear anyone talk about it but both me and my mum use it and love it!
Revlon photoready foundation: I've used this for years and got through several bottles of it- it's great! I want to try their new nearly naked foundation, have you tried it yet?
Rimmel stay matte powder: I'm forever hearing Tanya Burr talking about this so I thought I would give it a go, so far so good, it's cheap and chearful and does a good job at keeping my makeup on all day
cheek products:
mac gel blush in 'just a pinch': I always forget I have this in my collection. I apply it with a stippling brush and a little bit goes a long way. I love the natural flush it gives to my cheeks and I really love the little pot that it's in too. I'm not sure if it's available any more though as I got it a while ago- sorry!
Peggy Sage highlighter: I bought this when I went to France for the weekend last year. I love the shade of it and how naturally it applies to the cheeks but it really helps to give my face more dimension and to bring it to life more. Oh and I don't know what the shade is because all the writing on it is in French and half of it has rubbed off, oops!
I don't use a contour powder on a day to day basis, simply because I can't be bothered! I'm looking for a new contour powder/bronzer though for when I can be bothered- do you have any suggestions for me?
eye/eyebrow products
MUA 'heaven & earth' palette: I mix the two eyeshadows which I've used quite a bit of (the two in the bottom left hand corner) together and use them with an angled brush to fill in my brows. I think it helps to make them look natural but defined which is the look I'm going for. Since I've hit pan on both of them, once they've ran out I think I might get one of the mac eyebrow duos because they're nice and small for travelling and are likely to be better quality than the MUA ones, although for the price MUA is very very good!
Miss Sporty clear mascara: I won this in Jordan's giveaway quite a while ago and to be honest it's seen better days as it's looking quite manky now but it's still going strong! I just sweep it across my brows after I've filled them in to set them and help hold them in place all day
Soap and Glory thick and fast mascara: this is one of my favourite mascaras, it help to curl and volumise my lashes and I think that most people that have tried it say that they get on well with it! It has a really chunky brush which I think helps to volumise more
Loreal super liner: I think most people that are into makeup agree that this is pretty much one of the best eyeliners out there. It applies like a dream and stays in place all day. If you're looking to start getting into eyeliners or to try more then definitely give this one a go!
Rimmel scandaleyes eyeliner in 'nude': at first I wasn't sure about this when I got it but now I find myself reaching for it pretty much every day. It really helps to open up my eyes and make me look more awake (which, when you're doing your makeup at 7:30am is a god send)
lip products
Revlon lipstick in 'cherries in the snow': I've disclosed my love for this lipstick many a time on my blog, it's the perfect shade for me and I won't go on about it any more as you're probably sick to death of hering about it from me!
Clinique lipgloss in 'currant': I won this in a giveaway from Jayne quite a while ago but I just rediscovered it in my stash the other week when I was having a clear out. It's perfect to give something else to my lips and they just look more dimensional and if that makes any sense? (it probably doesn't but I know what I mean...)
Rimmel lip liner in 'Indian pink': I don't think this step is crucial and I normally skip it if I'm in a rush but the lip liner just helps to keep the lipstick on longer if I don't want to have to reapply during the day

here is all of the swatches for the products I used if you were interested! Don't forget to leave your bronzer/contour powder recommendations below as I'm wanting to get into them more! Oh and remember to let me know if you liked this sort of post!


  1. You look super pretty Islay! Jheez you should really throw away that eyebrow gel you won it almost a year ago! I was going to get the loreal super liner but it has been discontinued! Why ohhhhh whhyyyyyy?!!!!x

  2. That highlighter is so pretty!

    caperepulchra.blogspot.com xo

  3. I'm quite eager to try Revlon photoready & I cannot live without Collection 2000 concealer. I like the Rimmel Sun Shimmer Matte powder for contour but I haven't tried many. The highlighter looks gorgeous xx

  4. i love this foundation its the best!

    pretty look :)


  5. I love this look Islay! The foundation and lipstick look great :) x

  6. Great picks! Love most of these products. The blush looks amazing!

  7. I love the Heaven and Earth palette! And I really like to use the collection 2000 lasting perfection concealer, everyone talks about it but we can't get it in the US!

  8. lovely natural look, I also love the concealer and powder and I really want to try the mac blush too:)


  9. Really loved this post, I myself want to get the Nude eyeliner after my spending ban because I think white is just too stark on me :) The highlighter is also really pretty!

  10. I love that colour lippy on you! And I really want to try that Thick and fast Mascara, I'm glad you like it! xxx

  11. I had to stop using the Nivea tinted moisturiser as it was too oily for me, was such a good coverage though! Love these products, going to try some of the ones I don't have!

    Chloe xxxx


  12. I love the lippy colour, its gorgeous:) x


  13. I have the Heaven and Earth palette but I find it quite hard to open so I don't use it much. Oh and I wore the Collection 2000 concealer today :)


  14. aawww love this look / your blog!!!

    mines a super new blog any chance you could check it out:)?

    thankyou ever so much xxxx



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