Sunday, 24 March 2013

Benefit fake up review and swatches

so last Thursday I was invited to the blogger launch of the brand new Benefit fake up concealer in Brighton (pretty cool, huh?). I've already posted about the event itself here but now it's time for the review of their new product fake up.
Fake up is a concealer designed specifically for under the eyes as the skin is much thinner there than the rest of your skin so it needs extra care taken of it. It is essentially two products in one as it has the concealing aspect to it along with the moisturising which is something I haven't really seen before in a concealer. This is where the moisturising ring around fake up concealer comes in handy. Enriched with vitamin E and apple seed extract, fake up promises to hydrate your skin for up to six hours which is impressive! When I was at the event we were told that 100% of the women they tested it on agreed with this statement!
Firstly the packaging of these is very nice, it's in a metal tube and it twists up, sort of like a lipstick would and so it's perfect for traveling.
To use it you simply draw it on in a V shape under both of your eyes and blend it in with either your ring finger or a brush (I use the Real Techniques deluxe crease brush). It helps to brighten, conceal and hydrate your skin all day without it creasing which I often found happening with my Collection lasting perfection concealer or the Benefit erase paste which I had been using before. I used to find that my concealer would go on quite cakey and heavy but fake up really doesn't at all! I find that it also stays in place well once set with a powder which I was scared it wouldn't as it's not a heavy product.
I don't usually have much of a problem with dark circles around my eye area and if I'm being 100% honest I didn't see much of a difference when using it under my eyes (see the photos above) but I do feel it slightly brightened the area.
If you have quite fair skin like me then you can use the deep shade as a coutour. Simply draw a line under your cheekbone and blend out with your hand again or a brush (I use the Real Techniques countour brush for this). I tend to skip doing this on a day to day basis but I would if I was going out somewhere nice!

To see it in action check out my everyday makeup routine video which I posted here

Overall I do think this is a nice product if you don't suffer from bad dark circles like me as it doesn't have a huge amount of coverage to it but it's great how it is two products in one and doesn't crease or look cakey throughout the day.

Fake up launches on the 30th of March and will retail for £18.50. It comes in three shades- light, medium and deep (to be honest it would of been nice to see more of a shade range as I used the lightest shade and my skin isn't as fair as some people's) and can be found at all Benefit counters or online on the Benefit website.

although the Benefit Fake Up was a pr sample for reviewing this does not influence my opinion in any way and it is 100% honest as always


  1. I've heard so much about this! I can't wait to get my hands on it!:D xxx

  2. Awh I had never seen the outer packaging with the lid intact before, so cute. But that is expected from Benefit. I don't have bad bags either but I am thinking it will be great for when my eyeliner smudges under the summer heat.


  3. So lucky that you got invited to the event! That has made such a huge difference to your under eye, it looks amazing :)

  4. I never get invited to stuff like that.

    How about following each other? Let me know on my blog!


  5. Too bad the coverage is not better. I have pretty terrible under eye circles, so I'll have to stay away from this one.

  6. Lovely review, the coverage doesn't look fantastic though for my with bad dark eye circles, which is a shame because they look so pretty. xx
    Amy |


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