Sunday, 10 March 2013

skin art nail art tattoos and nail polish reviews

every time I post any of my nail art either on here, on twitter or on my instagram I am flooded with lovely comments from people saying that they love it but they would never have the patience or time to recreate it. Well- I am here with a possible solution to all your problems. Let me present to you the nail art tattoos by the brand skin art. Based around cult tattoo designs they allow you to really easily spruce up any nail design with minimal skill or effort involved.
To use, simply paint your nails in the colour of your choice and allow it to fully dry. Then peel off the nail tattoo from the sheet with the design of your choice and place onto your nail. I used tweezers to make the application process easier and to have more precision. Simply finish with a top coat (I used the Nails inc. caviar one) to prevent them from peeling off and make them super shiny.
Once applied they look really realistic as if you've painted them yourself (I fooled my sister into thinking that I had painted the bird ones by hand) and will last on your nails for around 3-5 days depending on which base/top coat you use. To remove you simply use nail polish remover and a cotton pad to remove the polish and then I picked off the tattoo.

what I love about these is that there's so many possibilities with the designs you can do. I used the bird ones with a plain blue background to show how simple they can be but if you wanted you could so a simple ombre, polkadot or striped background and then apply the tattoo on top to jazz it up a bit. I can't wait to use the bow ones with maybe a bit of pink and white polkadots going on too to give it a bit of a minnie mouse feel to it!

I will be experimenting more with these using different backgrounds like I mentioned above so look out for those coming soon! There are 60 individual stickers in each pack so that's enough for 6 manicures and they retail at 5.99 which works out at 1 per manicure, not bad if you ask me! They are available on Boots and from the Skin Art website.

Skin art also sell nail polishes and they very kindly let me review them too- here's what I think of them!

the first thing that I noticed was the really cute names of these- the neutral grey/brown shade called 'mine's a skinny latte' is my favourite, it's just so cute! Now, onto the actual nail polish.

I thought I would try this one first as I wanted to get on the whole nude nail bandwagon like lots of other bloggers are at the moment. I like how neat it looks compared to how I normally have some form of nail art on the ends of my fingers. It took me three coats to make it completely opaque like this, which is quite annoying as I usually only do two coats. On the other hand, I'm not sure what it is about these nail polishes but they have an almost gel like finish to them. They are super glossy and barely chip at all- this photo was taken after it being applied for two days- completely chip free as you can see! I used the Nails inc. caviar base and top coat which I love and this may be part of the reason why they last so well but it must be down to the quality of the actual nail polish too!
the second colour I tried out was the shade 'what colour is coral' which is the complete opposite of 'mine's a skinny latte' as it's so bright! I painted my nails with this as it was raining and miserable outside- I just can't wait for summer now so I can have a tan and bright nails! I only had to do two coats for this one to be opaque compared to the three from the first one. This one also has a gel like finish to it and as you can see in the photo they are very shiny! I only painted my nails with it today but there are no chips as yet so far so good!

The nail polishes are priced at £3 each and are available here

Do you like the concept of nail art tattoos? Let me know if you will be trying them and don't forget to look out for more posts to come with other designs!

although the nail polishes and nail art tattoos were sent to me for review purposes this does not influence my opinion in any way and it is 100% honest as always


  1. Those nail tattoos are so cute, they look so simple but really have an effect, love them :)

    Sophierosehearts x

  2. So cheap and the stickers look great! xx

  3. Those nail tattoos are super cute!
    I always love your nail looks!

    Also, I am having a small giveaway and would LOVE for you to enter here

  4. These nail tattoos are THE solution for me haha! I really love them! I also think that the nail polishes aren't that pricey, and they look lovely and have cute names! x Laura

  5. The stickers are so cute and the nail polish colours look gorgeous!

  6. Oh my, those nail tattoos look so gorgeous!


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