Wednesday, 13 March 2013

we'll go where nobody knows, with guns hidden under our petticoats

shirt: tesco
jeans: HM
watch: river island
earrings: topshop
nails: nautical using the nail art tattoos by skin art*
lips: rimmel 107

I've been quite good at posting outfits more regularly recently so here's another one for you! I bought this top after seeing Laura get one similar (it was much cooler though because the polka dots were all different sizes) but I couldn't find any over here in England so I had to settle for this one! It was only £14 which I thought was really good! I think it fits in with the whole monochrome trend but it's also quite fun too (can a shirt be fun?!)
I randomly decided to go for a nautical theme on my nails using the skin art nail tattoos which I reviewed here the other day and so many of  my friends have asked about them as they look like I painted on the anchors!


  1. Gorgeous outfit, i love the shirt! x

  2. I love the top, polka dots are one of my favourite things to wear. Love the nail art too :) x

  3. Love everything about this look, that lipstick shade looks goregous too! xo

  4. you look amazing, i love the shirt! x

  5. Your nails are so cute :)

  6. Your nails are adorable, puts my stubby chipped nails to shame..wish I had the patience to make mine look so good xx

  7. You look wonderful! That's such a lovely shirt, and your nails are gorgeous! Love anything nautical! xxx

  8. Lovely post as always! I love the shirt, i need to find a polka dot shirt asap! xx

  9. lovely post, really like this shirt looks great on you and pretty nails x

  10. I love your sense of style and your nails are beautiful!
    I did attempt to do a pattern on my nails by using a funky scissor pattern, cut some sticky tape and placed it on my base colour ( white) then painted blue over the top and removed the sticky tape. It was alright for a first time.
    Thank you for such a wonderous blog, I love reading it :)


  11. ISLAY YOU GORGEOUS THING!! I'm in love with that shirt! thank-you for the mention lovely! #TWINSIESTWINSIESTWINSIES haha x Laura

  12. Nails are gorgeous, wish I had the patience (and a steady hand) to give it a try!!

    Michelle xx

  13. You look gorgeous, the top really suits you! I'm so jealous of your nail talent, they always look so amazing!

    Elle xxx

  14. Cute outfit, i love the shirt and as always your nails look amazing!

    Sophierosehearts x

  15. I always love your outfit posts, you have the cutest clothes and your nails always look great too!!

    I tagged you in The Procrastinating Beauty Blogger Tag!
    Here is the link:


  16. I love your style! And your nails look awesome!

    I followed you from the #bbloggers Blog Hop! I'd love it if you checked out my blog!
    - Lauren

  17. This outfit is gorgeous :) you really suit your hair like this! And the nail art is so cool, I really need to get back into it :) haha xxx


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