Monday, 29 April 2013

what's in my iPhone tag

I saw this sort of tag going around blogs and on YouTube around a year ago so I thought I would bring it back and do it myself and show you some of my favourite apps which I use a lot and I would recommend to you- enjoy!
My phone case is from and I blogged about it in my bargain phone case post. It was a bargain at only around two pounds and I love it! Watermelons are my favourite fruit and I think this case looks so cute (it's a bit grubby now though as I've had it on my phone for ages now so sorry about that!

Marc Jacobs headphones* if most of you are anything like me then you'll pretty much constantly have your iPhone on you (I have the iPhone 4S) as there's always food to instagram or weird people on the train to tweet about... and so obviously you want your phone and the and it's accessories to look as cute as possible (who knows when you need to get out your phone to take a quick selfie...). When I got the opportunity to try out the Marc Jacobs headphones I was so excited! I love Marc Jacobs (especially his perfumes- daisy is one of my all time favourites) and I think that these headphones make such a change to the boring white apple ones which everyone else has! Compared to the Apple one I think the sound quality of these is better and I love how they actually fit in your ear properly too! I read in Vogue the other day that Marc Jacobs is 50 this year- crazyness!

wallpaper: I tend to change my wallpaper quite often but currently it is a photo of myself and my sister from when we went to London the other week. I think it's really cute and I blogged and vlogged about the couple of days I spent in London here!
the second page has all of my most used apps which I've downloaded. I use most of these every day so I like to have them at easy access. I've written a bit more in detail about some of them below but I also really love the bloglovin app for reading my favourite blogs on the go. is great to find out the tv listings on. The YouTube app is good and is better than using the website as it's easier on the small screen and also the flashlight app is like having a torch in your pocket as it turns on the camera flash on the back of your phone
on the front page I have most of the apps which come already loaded onto the phone and I use the mos often. The google maps app is great for if you get lost as it's like having a sat nav on your phone and as I'm rubbish with directions it's great if you're trying to find how to get somewhere. I also use chrome instead of safari for my internet browser as I find it easier to use and it has better features than the safari one which the phone comes with

twitter: I'm a twitter addict and so obviously twitter had to be included in my favourite apps! It's so easy to use and it makes tweeting on the go really easy to do. I don't really have much to say about it because I'm pretty sure 90% of people with an iPhone will have the twitter app

instagram: another typical one to pick but I loveeee instagram! I upload photos to it most days and I'm always finding nail art ideas, post inspiration and recipe ideas when scrolling through my timeline and looking through the hash tags and finding something new!

picfx: I originally downloaded picfx for the cute bokeh effect filters that it has but now I just use it for their ordinary filters to edit my photos when posting something to instagram. I usually layer a couple of the filters on top of each other (they have hundreds of different ones to pick from) and you can import your photos directly from the app into instagram. It's really user friendly and so easy to use!

tv catchup: this is one that not many people seem to know about but it's great for watching live TV on your phone. They have lots of channels to choose from and if like me you don't have a TV in your bedroom then this app is great for watching TOWIE or Made in Chelsea in bed! Oh and it's free too which is great!

national rail: I get trains at least six days a week (that's at least twelve trains a week) and I love this app to quickly look up the times of trains. It also shows you if you have to change at all and what time your train is expected and if it's delayed at all. It's really quick and easy to use on the go and so much easier than using the national rail website

I hope you liked my app recommendations and they were helpful to you- let me know if you downloaded any of these! If you have any other questions or you wanted to know what any of the other apps are which I didn't talk about are then just leave a comment and I'll let you know! I'd love you to do a post like this too as I'd love to see what apps are your favourite or simply leave it in a comment! :)

p.s. thank you to the laaavely Ellie for the idea for this post!

although the Marc Jacobs headphones were sent to me to include in a post this does not influence my review in any way and is 100% honest as always


  1. ahhh I loved this izziizlai! I love the picfx app! It's A-MA-ZING! It would be so awkward to see what's on my iphone. (think hayday and the the smurfs app) I know I'm such a child hahaha x Laura

  2. Islay, those headphones are amazing! where can I get them?! x

  3. "watching TOWIE or Made in Chelsea in bed"
    hahaha my kind of telly!
    Great post xo

  4. Great post! I just joined the iphone club this morning, so I've been downloading apps and sorting out my settings all day haha, so it was great to see your post! I will definitely be downloading the picfx app as so many people say it's really good for filters.

  5. I love your iPhone case and I've been wanting those marc jacobs earphones for ages! My apple ones are getting really worn out, I feel a purchase coming on... :)
    Amy |

  6. your headphones are so cute! :-)

  7. "weird people to tweet about on the train" LOL!! So nearly did this earlier but it would have been a harsh tweet (Something about a large person using a crisp packet as a bookmark) never mind. Great post!! xx

  8. I love those headphones #wishlist !Xx

  9. Them headphones are so cute. You are so lucky! I'm very jealous, very beautiful! May have to see the price and have a little look. I have used miniinthebox also and there is some really cute ones for a small price! ♥

  10. Das wäre auch etwas für mich. Sieht super aus.

  11. i loved how you did this post! your iphone case and earphones are adorable! :-) x

  12. So beautiful. I love that and want that for my iPhone. Where i can find it. your choice is amazing cute. ucuz cep telefonu

  13. This iphone is so beautiful.I like this..!!sony mobiles


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