Friday, 3 May 2013

Easy Cath Kidston step by step nail art tutorial

as you'll probably know (unless you're new here and in that case- hello!) Cath Kidston nails are one of my favourite nail art designs to do so here's some which I did recently!
I used essie 'mint candy apple' and barry m 'peach melba' for the base colours and the Rio nail art pens* for the details.
As I didn't take step by step photos I've created a tutorial below which should hopefully make a bit more sense as to how to do the flowers!
Simply paint your nails in the base colour you've chosen
Once it's dry paint vertical white stripes on top
Create a few flowers by doing three small dots in the peach colour next to each other
Once it's dry do the same in the darker colour on top with a smaller dotting tool so that a bit of a rim is left around the edge
Do a couple of light green lines coming out the side for the leaves
Do a line with a darker green polish over the top

I hope doing the tutorial like this made a bit more sense, let me know if it did and if you recreate them! 


  1. Loving this design. So cute x

  2. Always wondered how you did them! :) xx

  3. Love this! That design is just gorgeous, thanks for sharing this! Might just have to give it a go! xxx

  4. Such a cute design, and looks so easy, might have to try it! x

  5. These are SO pretty Islay - I wish I was as creative with my nails as you!

  6. These are so pretty Islay! I need to buy some nail pens so I can try this myself! x Laura

  7. These are fab I must have a go! X new follower here!

  8. Love these, they look so cute! I really want to get back into nail art xxxx

  9. Wow, love this design. So cute! Great tutorial, i will have to give it ago.
    Just followed your lovely blog
    FashionProject x

  10. This design is by far my favourite, so girly and cute - amazing! <3

    Hayley xo


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