Wednesday, 8 May 2013

loopy bow nail art tutorial

I'd seen nails similar to these on pinterest a while ago and never actually tried them but when Helen had her nails similar the other day I thought I would give them a go! They're quite fiddly to try and get them all even but I think they're quite eye catching once you've done them!

paint your nails in the base colour of your choice. I chose 'teal 2'* by nailgirls which I reviewed in my daisy nail art tutorial
using a white polish create two arch shapes in the corner of each nail using a curved sweeping motion of the brush. I just used the brush on the nail polish but you could draw the shape with a striper and fill it in if you found that easier
go over the line where the white meets the green with a black striper
create two loops for the bow on top of the the white to make it look like it's a continuous piece of ribbon

I think these are quite unique and you could change the colours to match any outfit! Don't forget to check out Helen's blog!


  1. This is so cute xx

  2. These are really cute islay! :) xx

  3. These look amazing. I love the way that you set out the nail art posts. Your blog is so inspiring! Everytime I see one of the nail art posts I'm like 'damn it why did I not think of that!' x

  4. this is so pretty!! i love this- might give it a go myself ;) lolzzzz x

  5. Oh these are adorable! Where do you get your stripers from? xx

  6. Your nails look gorgeous! xx

  7. Love these so much, definitely going to try this out! :)

    Hayley xo


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