Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Oasap giveaway!

so it's been a while since my last giveaway so when Oasap contacted me this morning to ask if they could host a giveaway on I said yes straight away! Oasap is an online fashion/accessories store and they have literally hundreds and hundreds of items on their site- all at great prices! If you haven't already then I would recommend checking them out- they have free shipping too which is GREAT!

Anyway- onto the competition! All you have to do is sign up to create an account on (it's free) and be able to provide me with your postage information if you win. As for the prize the winner will get to win an item from the ones below- it's that simple!

candy coloured skater skirt
mini skirt with chiffon overlay
galaxy print leggings
straw hat with flower
Eiffel tower top
Pink Panther top
Crochet lace top
asymmetric chiffon dress

these are all so pretty and the lucky winner will get to choose which item they like the best to win. Personally I think I like the candy coloured skater skirt the best, it's so cute!

I've used rafflecopter for the entries as I think it's the easiest way for you to enter. Don't forget to create an account on before entering (it takes about two minutes and it's just simple things e.g. your name and email address- don't worry you won't get loads of spam emails!).
The competition will last for 10 days and I will announce the winner on twitter and email the winner.

Thank you for Oasap for letting me to do this giveaway, good luck!

*the giveaway prize will only be provided by oasap if 50 people create an account on so please make sure you create an oasap account!*

a Rafflecopter giveaway



  1. If I win I would also chose the skates skirt!^^ wish me luck ;)


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