Sunday, 9 June 2013

blublocker sunglasses

sunglasses: blublocker*

I was sent these sunglasses the other day by Jonny at, they're a cool aviator shape with thick rims and legs. The shape of them really doesn't suit my face shape unfortunately otherwise I'd of taken photos with my face in instead of just photos of the glasses! The lens on them is so cool though as it's orange and when you wear them it's like you've stepped into instagram as it's like everything has a filter on! They're designed to block 100% of UV and blue light letting you see with more clarity and protection from the sun. I thought this was a bit of a gimmick but if I'm honest they really do make everything seem very clear and crisp when you wear them, I made my family try them out and they all agreed too!

Blublockers retail for £35 and are available online here

although these sunglasses were sent for me to feature on this does not influence my opinion on them and it is 100% honest as always


  1. Love the shape xx

  2. cool sunnies! remind me so much of a summer vacation :)

    check out my new outfit post featuring beetlejuice leggings! :)

  3. These would look so cool on certain people..sadly I don't think they would suit me either

    Kylie x

  4. It's the visual experience that is the selling point. It is literally like being in another world :-)

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  6. This sunglasses are awesome.I like it very much.

  7. Really looking great well i always like black sunglasses.

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