Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Fake Tattoos nail art tattoo review and tutorial

Today I have a tutorial showing you how to use nail art tattoos. I was sent the nail art tattoos to try by fake tattoos which is a Scandinavian brand who sell 'tattoos' for your skin and nails. They're similar to the ones you used to get when you were a child only much cuter designs and without the pain and permanency of a real one. As you can see from my photos they have so many cute designs to choose from so there's something for everyone!

Here's how you apply them:
1. start off with the base design you want for your nails which can obviously be something plain but I decided to go for polka dots to make it a bit more interesting. I think stripes or ombre would be a good alternative which would also look cute
2. cut the tattoo design you have chosen from the sheet of designs
3. remove the piece of clear plastic that is covering it on the front (I accidentally forgot to do this one one of the ones I did and it doesn't work!
4. place the nail tattoo face down onto your nail and wet a cotton bud with water- I found a cotton bud was best as it is small and it gives you more precision when applying it. It is quite hard to get the tattoo exactly where you want it as they're so tiny but you get used to it with a bit of practice
5. place the wet cotton bud onto the backing card and let the water soak through, making sure you wet the whole piece of card
6. once it has transferred the backing will easily slip off and you will be left with the nail tattoo on your nail!
7. finish with a good top coat- I recommend seche vite or nails inc. caviar top coatas they're my favourite and I've found they do the best job at preventing chipping

fake tattoos have such a wide range of designs on their website and it makes it look as if you've put loads of effort into painting them when you realy haven't- sneaky! It's like having perfectly manicured nails with pretty much no skill involved! The only downside I've found so far to them is that after around 3 days I found the bows started to get almost sticky on my nails and scratched off which was weird but the first couple of days they were fine!

Fake Tattoos retail for £6 per sheet (free postage!!) and are available here. They're great for people wanting to experiment with nail art but don't have the patience to paint a design on your nails yourself

what do you think of Fake Tattoos? Do you think they're a good, easy alternative to doing nail art?

although I was sent the Fake Tattoos for review purposes this does not influence my review in any way and it is 100% honest as always


  1. These look really cool! I really like the birds x

  2. These are so so lovely, such gorgeous deigns! And they seem so easy to apply too! I may just have to order some! xxx

  3. These look so cute, almost as if you've painted them on yourself!

  4. These are too cute!

  5. These look super cute, they remind me of Mickey Mouse x

  6. So pretty, love the color combination :)

  7. I love this, they're so cute!!
    Natalie xx

  8. These are so cool! Love the anchors and the little fishies <3

    Nakita x

  9. i love this tutorial.It's very easy to follow.

  10. Good post. The nail art looks nice and it might also be used to decorate some other stuff. Thanks for posting.


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