Friday, 26 July 2013

night time skincare routine for combination acne prone skin

my skin is combination and acne prone and when I asked if this post was something you wanted to see I got a good response so here it is! I like to keep my skincare routine quite minimal  as I don't enjoy taking my makeup off so the quicker the better for me! I also don't like lots of heavy products sat on my skin so I favour ones which sink in quickly and don't leave residue sat on the surface of my skin overnight.

EYES: Firstly I remove my eye makeup with the L'Oreal gentle eye makeup remover. I like this one as it's very gentle and doesn't sting but it does a good job at removing eye makeup- it's also resonably priced too!
CLEANSE: Then I use the Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm and a wet flannel to remove my face makeup. This is my favourite part of the routine as the cleanser smells amazing and feels so luxurious on the skin. It also leaves your skin very soft which is great! I bought the cleansing balm after skincare queen Caroline Hirons raved about it so many times. It's pricy so it might be worth trying to find a tester pot to buy before getting the full size so you don't waste your money
TONE: Next I use the Pixi Glow tonic all over my skin to tone and efoliate. This was also a Hirons inspired purchase, I'm going to be controversial though and say I don't really see the hype around it but maybe that's just me! I don't dislike it as it leaves your skin feeling refreshed but it just seems a bit 'meh' to me- nothing special and quite expensive for what it is
MOISTURISE: Then I use the Lush vanishing cream as a moisturiser. This is perfect for people who's skin can sometimes get oily as it's very lightweight and sinks in easily and doesn't leave a residue which heavier ones often can. I like using it at night time too as it's got lavender in which is a nice night time scent
BLEMISH TREATMENT: I leave the moisturiser to sink in for around 10 minutes and then I dab the origins super spot remover onto any blemishes. I really liked this when I first got it but I think my skin has gotten immune to it or something as I don't think it really does anything any more, boo! (Sorry I forgot to include it in the photo by the way but I didn't have time to take the photos again!)
LIP BALM: I then finish it off by using Elizabeth Arden eight hour cream on my lips, eyelashes and eyebrows to put some moisture back into them

I don't know if this was interesting or something you would like to see more of but if it is then please let me know as I can do one for my morning routine etc!


  1. I almost bought the Loreal make up remover yesterday, will have to pick it up next time i'm shopping! x

  2. really want to try the lush vanishing cream. i heard the origins spot remover wasn't that great so i never bought it. would love to see a morning routine.x

  3. I never heard of cleansing balms before and it sounds like such a lovely treat to the skin! The Pixi Glow tonic also sounded very interesting to me, such a shame it is expensive..

    Isabela x

  4. I've had my eye on the Pixi Glow Tonic for ages! You have a lovely skincare routine x
    Amy |

  5. Great post! I love reading what people use in their skincare routine. I really like the sound of the Lush Vanishing Cream! Xx

  6. loved this post :)

  7. I love seeing peoples skincare routines, I'm a bit obsessed with skincare.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  8. Oh I must try vanishing cream as I also have quite oily skin. At the moment I'm using a No7 moisturiser but I'm not really liking it.

    Water Painted Dreams

  9. I want to try the pixi tonic- Ive just bought the ren exfoliating toner and feel how you do about the pixi. Maybe Im expecting too much too soon

  10. do you have any recommendations to remove scars? at the moment I'm using clearasil acne and scars cleanser + mask which works well on hindering breakouts but not so much on removing the scars


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