Wednesday, 28 August 2013

easy and healthy peach and raspberry smoothie recipe

for a bit of a change I thought I would post a recipe on here.  It's perfect for warm days as it's nice and cool thanks to the frozen raspberries.
You will need:
a banana
a ripe peach
frozen raspberries
milk (I used lactose free but you can use whatever milk you normally use)
a blender
simply blend it all together and you've got yourself a delicios and healthy peach and raspberry smoothie. I did a quick (literally two minute) video below showing you how to do it which I'd love you to watch. Here is a link to my YouTube channel too!




  1. This looks like such a cute (and yummy) recipe, looks lovely for the summery days too.

    Imogen <3

  2. Mmm tasty. I really need to stop being lazy and make smoothies more often!

  3. Love the video, Looks so yummy!

  4. Definitely going to be trying this. Loved that you added a video too! x

  5. Oooooh I don't know anyone that uses the same milk as me :) It's so good that us lactose-intolerants can finally eat yummy things! x

  6. Oooh my god that sounds gorgeous, love the bottle you've put it in too so cute! x

  7. thank you!

  8. Awww that looks so tasty! Going to give it a try Xx


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