Friday, 16 August 2013

my favourite mint green nail polishes

the other day when I was talking to Laura about mint green nail polish she dropped the bombshell on me that she didn't own a mint green nail polish (seriously, someone please sort her out!!) and I had the idea to do a post on my mint green nail polishes- which ones I like and which ones I don't. 
If I'm honest I usually tend to stick to the same brands but as mint green is one of my favourite nail colours so I've gathered quite a few!
The nail wheel photo has the polishes in the same order as the are in the photograph and as I'm going to list them here:
Rimmel London 'misty jade': I'm a fan of Rimmel polishes, they aver very pigmented and creamy and last well on the nails. This is a darker blue toned mint and looks especially good with a tan. I like the brush on this one, it's a very good shape and the perfect size
Primark: this was a present from my lovely friend Helen ages ago. I forgot about it until I was writing this post as it had disappeared off into my sister's room! Considering the price of Primark nail polish they're actually pretty good! They're very well pigmented and have a nice creamy formula to them. The downside to them is because the bottle is small the lid is quite fiddly to use as a handle for painting your nails and they're not the longest lasting on your nails either but if you're getting someone who's just getting into beauty a gift then I think it would be ideal
£2 for a set of four (50p each)
Nail girls 'Teal 2'*: this is one of my favourites from all of them, they have the nicest formula to them and they are also free from harmful chemicals, not tested on animals and vegan! They last very well on the nails and because of the very creamy formula they apply very easily. In contrast to the Primark nail polish it has a very good brush which is perfect for painting and makes for a very even application to the nail
elf 'mint cream': I'm not too keen on this one- the formula is thin which leads to streaks and it chips very easily. It also has the same problem as the Primark one where the lid makes it awkward to paint your nails as it's not a very good shape. I've tried a few of the elf nail polishes and I don't really like any of them which is a shame but as they're so cheap you can't really complain
Essie 'mint candy apple': this is my favourite from the lot and it's a product I feel everyone needs (yes even you are included in this) it's the perfect mint shade- right amount of blue and green in it, has such a lovely creamy and opaque formula which lasts really well without chipping! This is such a hyped up product and it's definitely worth it, I love it! It has a good shaped brush to it to make application easy and it's not streaky or watery when you're applying it. It dries fast and I don't find it smudges easily
Sally Hansen 'mint sorbet': this isn't the longest lasting nail polish as it chips quite easily. It has a quite creamy formula to it but I find it can be quite sheer so you need a good couple of coats to build up the colour. The colour of this one is one of my favourites from the lot- it's more of a green mint instead of a blue mint and I like the application of it too as it has a good brush to it. I wish it lasted longer without chipping though as this would make it perfect.

Revlon 'minted': this is a fairly recent purchase- I love Revlon but I hadn't tried any of their nail polishes before (shock horror) so I thought I'd better pick up a few. I am quite impressed with Minted- the formula is nice, it lasts well without chipping and application is good too. Also you get quite a lot in the bottle compared to the others so I guess it works out better value for money
£5.99 (currently on Fragrance Direct for 99p!!!!)

W7 'spearmint'*:  Spearmint is definitely more of a blue toned mint than a green toned one. I found the formula to be quite watery on this one so you need a good couple of coats to make it opaque compared to something like 'mint candy apple' from Essie. It's good value for money at  but I find it chips easily. It does however have a nice shaped brush and good handle for painting and like the Revlon one you get quite a lot of product in the bottle. I wish the formula was slightly thicker and more opaque though as it would make the application better.

Barry M 'mint green' (np 304): this is my third bottle of this I think- I remember wearing it to death a couple of summers ago before I had 'mint candy apple' from Essie. It's definitely more of a greeny mint as opposed to a blue mint. As with most Barry M nail polishes it's got a lovely formula which I find resists chips quite well. Also it has a good shaped brush and handle too to make the application easier. I find it goes on nicely without streaks too.

Overall favourite mint green nail polishes:
low priced: Barry M 'mint green'
medium priced: Essie 'mint candy apple"
high priced: Nail Girls 'teal 2'

if you were just to buy one I'd definitely go for 'mint candy apple'- it's so hyped up but I can honestly say it's worth it! Please let me know what you thought of this post- it's something different to what I normally do but I thought it might be helpful to some of you. Please let me know what your favourite mint green nail polishes are (because I definitely don't have enough of them already...)

the products marked with a * were sent to me for review purposes however this does not influence my opinion and it is 100% honest as always


  1. I love mint polish - so bright and cheery! You have quite an impressive collection - I love it! I have to say I love the Sally Hansen one - such a lovely shade!
    Rachael x
    Rachaeleeno | Beauty, Fashion & Thoughts

  2. I have the Elf polish and I love it! It's so pretty especially with some pretty white dots on top!

    Jamie-Lee | Glitter Infatuation | Beauty & Lifestyle Blog!

  3. My favorite mint is Definitely from Illamasqua, I think it's called speckle or mottle I can't remember but it's from the Speckle collection.

    Fashion and Happy Things

  4. Ohh I love this colour, I want that Elf one!

    Allie xx

  5. I love mint green polishes, it's all I've been wearing on my nails this summer!

  6. My favourite one happens to be elf, quite surprised at that :)
    Amy x
    -A Little Boat Sailing-

  7. Love mint! I'm in love with my Essie "mint candy apple" but I've been looking for a color with a little less blue in it, definitely have to give that Revlon polish a try! Great post!


  8. I love that you have so so SO many mint nail polishes :) Pretty picks!

    Sophierosehearts x

  9. They look similar but different, all gorgeous x

  10. I have that Rimmel one although I find it chips easily which is a shame because it's a lovely shade.

  11. I do love a good nail post and minty green is such a fresh cute colour. I don't own mint candy apple but (*salutes*) I'll definitely be buying it!

    Love Kate at prettylittleus


  12. I love greens and just starting my collection. Thanks for the guide, I now know what I'll try first. :D

  13. That is one serious collection of mint green nail polishes! I have the Revlon one and I have almost been converted from OPI xx
    Cupcakes And Cocaine

  14. Love the collection you have, the Barry M one is so lovely!
    PS Blogger, Beauty Addict!

  15. Ahh mint green is one of my favourite colours but there are so many variations of it. I love Mint Candy Apple, it's on my wishlist but I think all the other ones are gorgeous too x


  16. Ooooh I love minty nailpolish! Best color ever (:

  17. These are gorgeous! I recently got Essie's Mint Candy Apple and fell in love with it, I'm pretty sure I can see a mint collection coming along.. x

  18. I love that Essie! I had the W7 one but I gave it away, the formula drove me bananas. I have a few mints - I have that Barry M one, also one from MUA (one of their £1 ones), Wet n Wild - I Need a Refresh-Mint, China Glaze - For Audrey.

  19. I'm sure my Essie int Candy Apple is dodgy - it seems so much darker than everyone elses!

    I'm currently putting Essie, Model's Own and Primark mint nail varnish against each other over on my blog :)

    Megan xx

  20. I felt like you were talking to me about the Essie's one - I've always wanted to try it, need this in my life I guess. :)
    I'm very curious to try the NailGirls one.

  21. i love this post , i think the revlon is my favourite, also watch your new york haul so jealous!,


  22. I see I'm not the only one with the mint/turquoise nail polish obsession! :D

    Sandra - The Puzzle of Sandra's Life

  23. So many polishes! My brand preferences are Rimmel and Essie :)

  24. i remember when the barry m one was all the rage! definitely agree about mint candy apple, its fab.x

  25. I'm obsessed with everything that is mint green, lol! LOVING your collection :-)

    Love, Christine♥


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