Saturday, 12 October 2013

autumn wishlist

I haven't done a wishlist post in absolutely forever so I thought it was about time to do a new one! This is jsut a few of the things which I have on my wishlist- seriously I could be here all day listing stuff I want to buy!

you'd think becuase I live in England which rains pretty much all the time I'd actually have a decent umbrella? Wrong. I'm forever leaving the house without one only to find it starts chucking it down with rain half an hour later and I get drenched. This one is from hush hush which is a discount website. It's meant to be £25 but it's only £15 on there- score! I love the heart shape of it, it's just something a bit different and who doesn't like hearts!

I'm a massive fan of the Emma Hardie moringa cleansing balm and when I was in my local Space.NK the other day I tried this on the back of my hand and fell in love. The only downside is it's £56 *sob sob* so I won't be getting it any time soon!

I've had this on my wishlist for absoloutely years, I just need to finally buy it! I love the colour of it, I'm not massively into blush- I tend to just stick to one shade and don't change it up at all but this is such a gorgeous shade that I know if I bought it I would wear it forever!

as soon as I saw this ring I fell in love, it's everything that I love rolled into one- it' pink, it's cute and it has a flower on. I don't think it could get much more perfect to be honest! I've always wanted to get just a nice, good quality silver ring that would match everything and I could wear on a day to day basis but never found one, but I think this could be the one

this is one of the seasonal lush items and it's one of my absolute favourites! I was so annoyed I didn't pick up a load of them before they went out of stock last Christmas so I'm going to make sure I pick up a load this year. It smells of almond, cinnamon and orange and is perfect for autumn. I was so happy when Ellie texted me the other day to say it had finally come back into stock!

I saw someone wearing this on YouTube the other day and instantly fell in love. It's the perfect 'vampy' berry shade for winter and is everything I like in a lipstick. It's quite similar to 'rebel' which I bought recently but I prefer 'hang up' as it has more red tones to it whereas 'rebel' is a bit more purple

I think everyone (male and female) need a good pair of high quality chelsea boots in their life and I think these are the perfect pair for me. Yes they're expensive (£195.00) but I do really think they are worth it. I'm going to buy these in a couple of weeks after pay day as a birthday treat to myself and I can't wait. They're so classic that they won't ever go out of style and they will match pretty much everything!

New Look blue suede heels
I have to admit I'm not a massive heels wearer but seeing as I'm 18 on Monday I'll probably end up going out and wearing heels a lot more often! New Look has a very wide range of heels and these are one of my favourites, I love how they're pointed as that is very 'in' this season and this shade of blue is my favourite. They would look perfect with a black dress or you could dress them down with black tailored cigarette trousers
I first smelt this when there was a little sample inside a magazine a month or so ago and I fell in love instantly. I'm not a huge one for perfumes and I tend to just stick to Marc Jacobs daisy but this perfume is just something else. It's described by Jo Malone as "flirtatious with the juicy bite of red apple and the opulence of jasmine, rose and gillyflower.  Mingling with the sensuality of soft, blush suede.  Luxurious and seductive" and is easily my favourite scent I've ever found and I need it in my life!

I love mint green and jumpers and what's better than two things you love rolled into one? This style of jumper was popular last year and they decided to bring it back this year with lots more colours. I really like the fit of it and how it is so soft and of course the colour too. It's not really a wintery colour but at the end of winter, just going into spring I think it would be perfect.

so that's what's currently on my wishlist! What's on yours? Have you bought anything recently which you think I should add to my wishlist?


  1. That heart umbrella is amazing! So cute, I want one! I'm definitely popping into lush over the next few days to check out the new Christmas stuff! x

  2. I used a cinders last night and it was absolutely amazing!

    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  3. I've not been shopping in over a week so I'm pretty proud of myself, but this has meant that my wishlist is growing fast! Right now what I reaaaally want is a nice cosy dressing gown now that it's getting a bit colder x

    Charlotte / coloursandcarousels

  4. I have the Jo Malone cologne & it is a must have.... it's beautiful and unlike other perfume's it last's for ages on your skin. xx

  5. Ohhh I really want that MAC lippie too :) But I wouldn´t mind Rebel as well ;) xx

  6. I am very much in love with the heart umberella too!!

    Nickie xoxo

  7. Great wish list - the lush xmas bath bombs are on my list too x

    Heather | Of Beauty & Nothingness

  8. I have NARS Super Orgasm I bought it as a set of 3 items on ASOS i definitely wouldnt pay full price for NARS make up so keep an eye out for offers!

  9. heart shaped umbrella? need we say anymore.....! xx


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