Sunday, 27 October 2013

#AXParty event

on Thursday I took a little trip up to London to go to the AXParty for the launch of the new Christmas AXParis advert and their new clothes. It was arranged by Etail PR which is a blogger network type thing and I was really excited to be invited! I didn't manage to get too many photos as there wasn't very good lighting but here are some of the ones I managed to take! It was loveely to see Lauren and Sam again and to finally meet Ashleigh for the first time along with a load of other lovely girls! Jade Thompson from Britains Next Top Model was there and she did a little talk- she was my favourite from the show and was lovely to get the chance to speak to her for a few minutes! Look out for the new AXParis advert coming to the TVs soon!


  1. you look like you had an amazing time :)

    have you checked out my latest posts?

  2. the event looks great, glad you had fun xxx

  3. i wish i was able to go this time :( oh well! Looks like it was a good one xx

  4. I wish I could have gone, so far away :( Looks amazing.
    Water Painted Dreams xxx

  5. Great photos!

  6. Looks like such an awesome event!


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