Saturday, 26 October 2013

Cocoa Brown one hour tan mousse review

I'm not one those girls that won't go out somewhere with a load of fake tan on but at the same time I do like to be looking like I've just spent a week in the South of France so when the Irish brand Cocoa Brown asked if I wanted to give their one hour tanning mousse a go I said yes!
I'm a sucker for anything pink so I love the packaging and the mitt. The bottle is one like you'd find on a hair mousse bottle- it really helps to cut down the mess of tanning as it sometimes can get everywhere! The mousse itself it quite thick compared to the St Moritz one I had previously been using but it blends so easily. It doesn't have too much of a guide colour to it which means it's not always easy to see if you've missed any bit of leg. You're meant to apply it using the mitt, wait an hour and rinse it off. I did this initially and noticed barely any change (my legs are pastey white as it is so I was quite surprised at this). I reapplied it again to the same leg using slightly more and left it for a further two hours to develop. As you can see from the photo above there is a difference in colour but considering it's two layers and one had been left on for double the recommended time I don't think it's made much of a difference. I'd day I used about five blobs the size of the one in the photo to do one leg- am I just not using enough product?
The best thing about this tan is that it doesn't have the horrible 'biscuity' smell which fake tan is famous for. It smells quite fruity when you put it on and after it is rinsed off you can't smell it at all which is really nice for a change! It dries quickly once you have applied it which is a plus side as you're not wandering around feeling sticky for ages!

Overall I like the idea of this tan- how it's meant to develop in one hour, the packaging and how it doesn't have the typical tan smell to it. I think it would be nice if they came out with a couple of different shades so that the colour is stronger as I am very pale and it hardly showed up on me.

The Cocoa Brown one hour tan is available on Feel Unique for £7.99 and the tanning mitt is £2.99 (free postage too!)

Although I was sent the Cocoa Brown one hour tanning mousse and tanning mit for review this does not influence my opinion and is 100% honest as always


  1. I love hearing about fake tan that doesn't smell biscuity! Nothing worse than walking round all day smelling like a biscuit tin haha :/ xx

  2. This looks good but i love a deep tan!! So would be nice if they brought out a dark version

    abi from a little dust

  3. I do like a fake tan review! This is such a lovely colour, looks natural and perfect for paler tones.

    Belle x
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. I tried the coco brown one in the pink and white bottle and it was a mousse to and it turned out awful it was really patchy but that one looks really nice and natural maybe ill try that one the next time ! thanks for this review btw I looove your shoes!!
    please check out my new blog

  5. Ooh i was expecting this to be a really good tan, but like you say maybe your not using enough product.. it's a tricky one. Hopefully they'll come out with a darker version which might have some better results x

  6. I bet the Cocoa Brown girls at Fabb Glasgow and they were so lovely. I'm a little bit scared to try it out as I've never fake tanned but seeing those photos has convinced me a bit!
    Water Painted Dreams xxx


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