Wednesday, 23 October 2013

how to make money by selling your old clothes

buying clothes is fun, right? But what's even more fun than buying clothes- selling them and making money of course! (because then you can buy even more clothes with the money you make!!)
There a couple of different things I do when I want to sell my old clothes and here are a few of my favourites
Firstly is eBay-
everyone and their mum knows about eBay- it's a pretty easy and failsafe website to use and one which I have been using since I was around 13 years old. There's always someone wanting to buy your old bits and by using clear photos, good key words and a good description along with having lots of positive feedback you're likely to get some bids! I love getting people bidding on items I am selling and the countdown of the last minute is always so exciting!
Next is musicmagpie-
This is a website I have just discovered recently- they make it very easy to sell your clothes along with old DVDs, games and technology you may have lying around the house. Simply make an account, fill in the details of the product and you will get an instant price for it. As the prices are instant you know what you're getting and you don't have to wait for bids like on eBay. Because Music Magpie has a free courier service to avoid high postage costs like you get on eBay and money isn't taken from the price you're selling it at

Finally bootsales-
Bootsales are probably the most fun out of the bunch. Personally I haven't been to one in years but when I was much younger myself and my mum used to go every sunday morning and either sell out old bits or pick up a bargain. It's fun to meet everyone face to face- barter with them and get a bit of a bargain. These do take a while to set up and price up all of your items, unless it's inside then it's weather dependent and some have quite high prices to have a stand. On the other hand you don't have to make countless trips to the post office to send everything off!

My overall tips are:
make sure photos and descriptions are very clear so people know exactly what they are getting- always point out if your items are marked at all
at a bootsale prepare for all weathers, put on a positive face and be happy to bargain with people- it's better to sell something for a slightly lower price than you were asking for than not selling it at all!
when posting items to customers on eBay make sure you do it promptly to avoid negative feedback from buyers which will prevent people from buying from you in the future
use key words when describing your items- e.g. instead of 'blue dress' do 'short blue skater topshop dress- size 10' to help people find what they are looking for and for your products to come up in the search results when they are looking for something in particular


  1. I've been wanting to sell old clothes for so long but i've just never been able to muster up the energy to take all the photos and list everything haha! A boot sale sounds fun though, maybe i'll give it a go! xx

  2. I've been selling clothes on eBay for the past month or two and I love it - although you obviously never tend to get back what you paid, it's a lot better than having a load of unworn clothes just sitting in the wardrobe! Postage costs are awful though so I'll definitely be checking out music magpie - I didn't know you could sell on there! xx

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