Friday, 18 October 2013

Life update- October

inspired by Shona's new post I thought I would do a bit of an update for you. I've been pretty busy with trying to fit things around sixth form, work and blogging but I've been doing quite a bit too. 
It's my birthday on Monday aaaand I haven't really planned anything. I'm going out for dinner with my family on the Sunday and then with my best friend Megan on my actual birthday. I'm just going to have a few of my friends round for a girly night in with mean girls, a takeaway and some wine as everyone is still 17 so I can't go out! That reminds me- I need to actually organise that at some point, hmm...
I'm off to the AX Paris event in London on thursday which I'm really looking forward too. I saw all the pictures and blog posts from their last one and it sure looks like they can throw a party so look out for pictures which I will be posting soon.
I've been doing lots of work for my a level photography, including several trips to London, Brighton, Portsmouth, Winchester and Southampton to take lots of photos over the past few weeks. You can see some of it in my a level photography post if you want. My topic for this term is 'cities'- I've been getting lots of lovely comments from people so have a look and see what you think!
I've been busy organising to look round universities over the past few months. As I mentioned on here before I'm wanting to do a marketing course. Brighton is my favourite at the moment but I'm hopefully looking round Bournemouth in the next week or so as it is supposed to be very good!
I'm meeting Sarah this afternoon for a coffee and a wander around Chichester. I've read her blog for ages and it will be lovely to finally meet up with her!
On saturday I'm going to my friend Jodie's birthday party. It's a fancy dress one so I'm dressing up as a red indian with my friend Carissa- would you like to see an OOTD/get ready video? ;) We're hopefully going to film a couple of videos on Sunday too, the common white girl tag and a bubble tea recipe are what we have planned so far!
I went to see Mike Dignam in Brighton with a few of my friends last week. I hadn't heard of him before my friend Megan asked if I wanted to go but I actually really like his music and it was nice to see someone live as I haven't in ages! I was meant to see Tom Odell with my mum in Southampton last week but he changed the date last minute to the end of November so we still went to Southampton and had a wander round the shops (mainly IKEA) and went out for dinner, it turned out to be a quite good evening!
I've just found a 'best of the 2000's' playlist on spotify and I've been LOVING playing it non stop (literally). It has everything from Beyonce, Jason Mraz and Katy Perry on it and I promise it will bring back a lot of memories for you! ps I hope that link works so you can enjoy the amazingness of it!!
I'm off to Brighton next Thursday with my friend Carissa to go to an event (and do a bit of shopping). I feel like I've been to Brighton loads recently but I love it there and it will be nice to have a bit of a wander round and then meet up with some of the Brighton girls who are all lovely and I haven't seen in forever!
♥   I reached 7,000 followers on instagram yesterday which is a bit crazy! Thank you to all of you- you're all so lovely! My username is islaay and there is a little link in my sidebar if you want to give me a cheeky follow (wink wink)

This was a bit of a different post and something I haven't done before so please let me if you were bored to tears when reading it or if you want me to do another one at some point!


  1. Happy birthday for monday, I hope you have a lovely time! I love this kind of lifestyle posts and you should definitely do more! congrats on 7000 instagram followers aswell!

  2. Good luck with finding the right Uni for you! I just started (Royal Holloway) and I'm loving it so far :)

  3. Happy Birthday (in advance) so crazy that you've got the same birthday as my brother. At least I know how old you will be.. #stalkeralert! :P I understand the dilemma, my friend wants to go clubbing but everyone else is 17 and I doubt I look 18 or will get away with fake ID (not that I would do anything illegal...uhh!) But Mean Girls and a takeaway sounds fun! I hope you enjoy your day. :)

    Marketing sounds really interesting. I've changed my course slightly to include Business as well so that I can 'broaden' my horizons for after uni. Although one uni hasn't replied back and I really want to send my UCAS application off, it's early but some people at my school already have offers! I'm terrified that I'm going to miss out and end up with no offers! D:

    ~Hannah xx

    P.S. And because I'm so nosy, I love these posts! :)

  4. Please do the OOTD! xxx

  5. Aww shucks, I was wondering why I was getting page views from your blog! It was lovely to meet you the other day, we must do it again soon! xxxx

  6. Happy Birthday Islaay!! Hope you have a wonderful sleepover, they are just the best.

    Ellie B | mantrapixie | x


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