Thursday, 14 November 2013

Nicole Scherzinger inspired makeup and outfit

created on Polyvore, Nicole Scherzinger photos from itv player
I was recently challenged by Gala Bingo to come up with a makeup look inspired by one of the X Factor judges,  I chose to do Nicole Scherzinger despite not actually looking like her in the slightest because her makeup always looks flawless! I took my inspiration from Last Saturday's show where she had a gold (but not over dramatic) eyeshadow look, red glossy lips and a lot of highlighter on which is what I have done for this look. I chose to do this look as she often wears a lot of mascara and a dark smoky eye which really isn't me whereas this look is much more in my comfort zone and is more within the capabilities of my makeup skills.

The makeup I used for this look is in the photo above- is it just me that doesn't realise how much you're actually slapping onto your face until you see it all laid out like this?! I was recently sent the Too Faced Endless Sun bronzer and Size Queen mascara. I like the bronzer as unlike some which I have tried it doesn't look muddy or very obvious on the skin and it blends out very well. It does have a little bit of a shimmer to it- the glitter particles are very small so it gives more of a overall sheen and glow to the face instead of the obvious glitter which some bronzers can give. The Size Queen mascara has a very very big brush to it, meaning that it's easy to get it smudging onto your eyelid when you're applying it. I'd recommend applying the mascara first before you put any eyeshadow on to prevent it from getting ruined. It does give lots of volume though which is why I used it for this look, along with the false lashes I wore. The Endless Sun bronzer retails for £25 and the Size Queen mascara retails for £18 which puts them in line with the prices of NARS, Benefit etc.
The Maybelline colour tattoo which I used for the base for my eyeshadow is a recent purchase, along with the Mac studio finish concealer and L'Oreal super liner. These are pretty much all blogger 'cult products' and you'll of probably heard about them a million times before so I won't go on about them apart from saying that I'm loving all of them. I also bought the Bourjois java powder recently (totally didn't just buy it for the packaging...) and I'm also really liking it. The powder is so finely milled that it isn't visible on the skin at all like some powders can. I use it on the top of my cheekbones as a highlight and also under my eyes as a setting powder as due to the fact that it's so finely milled it doesn't go cakey and prevents creasing under your eye.
For the lips I used a combination of the Rimmel lip liner in 'Indian Pink', MAC 'just a pinch' gel blush, mac 'Ruby Woo' lipstick and Max Factor 'fashion leader' lipgloss as Nicole was wearing a very glossy red lip on X Factor.

I also created a little set on Polyvore with items inspired by what she was wearing in the show. My Polyvore username is @islaay if you'd like to follow me, I think I'm going to be using more often now as this was my first time actually using it!

*this is not a sponsored post but I will be receiving tickets to go to the
X Factor live UK tour for doing this post. The Too Faced products
were sent to me to review and I was not paid to include them in this post


  1. I love the gold eye shadow in this look! x

  2. Loved nicole's look on Satarday and your rendition's basically perfect love the bright lip!xo

  3. Eurghh, you beaut! So jealous.

  4. Gorgeous! I want all that make up now, you created the look so well x

  5. You look so cute! Your hair looks nice up and the gold eyeshadow suits you. Love that yellow maxi in your polyvore! Xx

  6. This looks gorgeous, especially the gold eyeshadow! What's the shade called?
    Love the whole look. :)

  7. nice article :)
    I would be very happy if you find a free minute to check out my blog, in case you like it, let me know so maybe we can start following eachother :) Wish you gread weekend!

  8. I love the your eyeliner, I don't wear eyeliner and would love to be able to do it like you could you do a post on how you apply it and what eyeliner you use x

  9. I love the your eyeliner, I don't wear eyeliner and would love to be able to do it like you could you do a post on how you apply it and what eyeliner you use x

  10. You look goregous! The makeup is fab :) + I've just nominated you for the sunshine award! All the info is on my blog :) x

  11. Nicole is so beautiful and you've definitely done her justice!


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