Wednesday, 15 January 2014

My favourite winter lipsticks- Tom Ford, Chanel, Revlon and MAC

Chanel 'la désirée' Tom Ford 'cherry lush' MAC 'rebel' Revlon 'cherries in the snow'
Chanel 'la désirée' Tom Ford 'cherry lush' Revlon 'cherries in the snow' MAC 'rebel'

It's no secret that I love a bright lip so I thought I would share you my top picks of my favourite bright autumn/winter lipsticks. They range in price from £7.49 to £36 so there's something for everyone, depending on your budget. I have chosen Chanel 'la désirée', Tom Ford 'cherry lush', Revlon 'cherries in the snow' and MAC 'rebel' as my favourite four lipsticks for this blog post. They look pretty similar in the swatch photo above but they look much more unique in real life.

I bought Chanel rouge allure 'la désirée' in December and I have worn it so much since. It's a very flattering blue toned dark semi matte red. The formula isn't the longest lasting one and if you don't use a lip balm and lip liner before you put it on I find it can settle in the creases of your lips after a few hours but if you use them first then you should be fine. The colour is gorgeous though and I love the black and gold packaging that it has

Tom Ford 'cherry lush' was a really generous Christmas present from my friend Helen and I'm in love with it. I applied it at 10:30 on Monday with a lip liner and when I got home at 15:30 it still looked pretty much perfect with no touch ups at all- pretty impressive huh? The colour is absolutely gorgeous and the packaging is one of the prettiest and most luxurious things I've ever seen- whipping this out your bag to reapply is sure to turn a few heads!

Revlon 'cherries in the snow' is one of my long time favourites and if you've been a reader of for a while you remember that I used to wear it so much. I recently dug it out from my collection to start wearing again and quickly remembered why I loved it so much. It's the perfect mix of red and fuchsia, it's very flattering, has a very creamy formula (Super Lustrous formula) and is long lasting on the lips. Oh and it's a bargain too!

Finally is MAC 'rebel' lipstick which I bought in New York in the summer and have been loving all winter. It is a satin formula which is very pigmented, creamy and long lasting on the lips. It looks very purple in the bullet but applied it is more of a fuchsia/purple colour and not quite as scary as it first looks. It is described by mac as a cream plum shade which I guess I would agree with!

What is your favourite lipstick? What do you think of the photos in this blog post?
Please let me know!


  1. I have the MAC and the Chanel lipstick too and I can only agree with you. Simply love them! I really want to try a Tom Ford lipstick for such a long time, this shade looks really pretty!

  2. These are such gorgeous colours! xx

  3. I'm a bit of a lipstick fiend so safe to say this post made me very happy haha! I have to say I'm dying to try Tom Ford makeup based on the gorgeous packaging alone. Have you tried YSL's range of lipsticks? They're great too, amazing pigment and last all day without lipliner! (for me anyway)

    Love your photography too, looks like it something out of a magazine! ♥
    Sinéad xo

  4. Cherry Lush looks gorgeous! I'm desperate to try a Tom Ford lipstick! x


  5. Agh so jealous of the Tom Ford and Chanel lipsticks! They look gorgeous. I just bought MAC Rebel in November and I've used it so much this winter--I even feel like because it's not too deep you can get away with it year round.
    Lovely Notions

  6. So want a Tom Ford lipstick! xx

  7. Such pretty lipstick and that Tom Ford lipstick is gorgeous.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  8. Thanks for the link peach - glad you like it! I need Rebel in my life... xxx


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