Thursday, 27 February 2014


After mentioning I had bought these cheap makeup brushes in my recent haul video, I've had countless people asking me to do a blog post reviewing them and showing you photos. I found these on eBay and bought the set of ten buffing brushes, MAC 217 dupe and MAC 239 dupe. The ten set cost around £15 and the smaller eye brushes were only £1 each. I forgot to photograph the other eye brushes that I got in the set of ten but they are exactly the same shapes as the face versions but much smaller. 
I have been using the face brushes every single day for buffing in my foundation. I have found that in comparison to other brushes I have tried, these ones have the perfect density and bristle length to them. I have the Sigma F25 which is a similar shape to the rounded top one of these but the Sigma one is much too dense in comparison, meaning that the foundation is just pushed around my face instead of it actually blending in. On the other hand, the eBay ones actually blend in the makeup to your skin. The bristles on the eBay ones are slightly longer than the Real Techniques brushes, allowing the product to blend in more effectively as again it isn't just being pushed around your face as I find can sometimes happen with the Real Techniques Expert Face Brush. I'm not a fan of the eyeshadow brushes that came with the eBay set. They're not the right shape or density to be used on the eyes so I generally use them for my concealer instead which I find to be a much better use for them.
Apart from being slightly more scratchy than the MAC 217 brush- the £1 one pictured above is a very good dupe. The length of the bristles are slightly longer than the 217 and the handle is plastic in comparison to the wooden MAC one but apart from this they are very similar. At a tiny fraction of the price, I'd recommend stocking up on these if you're new to makeup, on a budget or are simply too lazy to wash your brushes and like to have backups (like me). I ended up getting three of these but I need to order more so that I never have to use a dirty one when doing my makeup!
I also bought a dupe for the MAC 239 brush. This is a flat shader brush which is perfect for packing on the base lid colour, before blending and adding more colours in the crease which can be done with the 217 brush. Again this was only £1 each so I got a couple as it meant I would have back ups!

Overall I think all of these brushes are excellent value for money- I bought all of them for less than the price of one mac face brush! They wash and dry very well and so far I haven't had any problems with them shedding. All product links are at the top of this post.

Have you tried any eBay brushes before? What do you think of them compared to MAC and Real Techniques?


  1. I own quite a few of these dupes from eBay too and love them just as much as my MAC and Bobbi Brown brushes. If I did a blind test between them all, I probably wouldn't be able to tell the difference!
    Laura x | Life and Lipstick

  2. I always look for dupes online before deciding to buy the expensive brushes. These look good, may have to check them out!
    Olivia xxx

  3. I have quite a few sets of brushes off ebay and I love them all, these look really nice and I am itching to buy some new brushes so might have to give these ago ^_^
    Lynsey x

  4. I'm obsessed with my 217 but having back ups so I can use a clean brush all the time is super smart. I may definitely have to do that haha.
    Lovely Notions

  5. I have some of those 217 dupes, need to pick up the other one though :)

    Sophie x

  6. I've been curious to try some eBay brushes, I might have to get these! I love my MAC 217 but it'd be nice to have a couple extra clean ones around for blending! And I love my Sigma F80 so those synthetic brushes look great as well!

    Lauren // Lipstick & Lacquer

  7. these do sound so good for the value, i often find while expensive make-up brushes are good you can spend the money more wisely!

  8. I've only just managed to get my hands on some Real Techniques so the honeymoon period hasn't worn off for me yet!! x

  9. I love the sound of the dupes from eBay! Such a bargain too!

  10. These look amazing! Definitely gonna check them out xx

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