Monday, 24 March 2014


Last week I ordered myself a new set of business cards for as I had finally used up all of my Moo ones which I purchased a while back. I bought these ones from Vistaprint- I ordered 250 of the full colour, double sided premium cards and including postage I paid around £20 for them. I designed them myself using Picmonkey and got some layout inspiration from Pinterest which is full of ideas.
If you are a blogger or have a small business I would highly recommend getting a set of business cards- they are great to give out to people that you meet at press events, meet ups and any other people you meet that you want to share your link with.

Some websites to check out for affordable business cards are Vistaprint and Moo- both of which always seem to have different offers on. I would recommend ordering the sample pack from both websites to see the different designs and finishes that you can have before ordering a full set of your own design.


  1. Your cards look so good! I love the design, very pretty!

  2. Your cards are lovely, thanks for the suggestions!

  3. I had considered getting business cards but I was kind of unsure what I'd do with them haha. However, I'll be going to school in New York which I'm hoping will be the perfect place to meet people and make connections! I love the simplicity of yours but they're still so pretty.
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  4. Oh I love these! Very well laid out!

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