Monday, 21 April 2014


I was surprised when a massive parcel from Too Faced arrived on my doorstep the other day filled with pretty much a full face of makeup (plus lots of extra eyeshadow!) so I thought I would do a blog post showing you my Too Faced face. I used my normal Estee Lauder foundation and MAC concealer and powder but all the other products I used were Too Faced.

For the eyebrows I used the Brow Envy kit which contains two different eyebrow colours, a highlight and setting wax aswell as stencils, brushes and tweezers. I'm not particularly fussed about my brows normally and I usually stick to the same powder to do them. I usually skip a browbone highlight and I've never used a setting wax so it was really nice to try all of these things out! I love how it comes with the mini tools and a mirror so it is perfect for traveling. The colours were really easy to apply and even with using the dark colour, I wasn't left with that massively drawn on eyebrow look which really isn't me.

I used the Neutral Eyes palette along with the Shaddow Insurance primer, Perfect Eyes eyeliner and Lash Glam mascara for the eyes. I really really like the eyeshadow, they have a very nice texture which is very nicely pigmented, blends well and lasts all day. Also, unlike some of the MAC ones I have tried- they don't change colour throughout the day. I was skeptical when using some of the pink champagne colours as MAC 'All That Glitters' always goes a weird orange colour on me after a while but these ones were completely fine. The primer kept it on all day despite me having oily eyelids and I really like the eyeliner as it is very pigmented and has such good staying power- I don't think I have tried a khol eyeliner that good before! On the other hand, unfortunately I wasn't too keen on the mascara, it didn't really seem to do anything no matter how much I tried to put on which is a shame.

I used the 'Chocolate Soleil' bronzer from the Bonjour Soleil set for a bit of a cheekbone contour. Because of my pale skin, it was quite dark on me at first but I was impressed with how well it blended out to create an almost natural looking shaddow. I used the lighter two colours from the 'Snow Bunny' bronzer as a highlight and I also really liked these as they gave a natural glow to my cheeks without looking too over shimmery and bright.

I love the shade range of the Melted liquid lipsticks, I used the shade 'Nude' for this look which is a really nice pinky nude colour. They have a good formula which applies evenly and opaquely and the packaging allows you to apply it precisely to the shape of your lips. It felt nice when it was on and didn't dry into the cracks in my lips which this sort of product can sometimes do. Unfortunately the colour doesn't last very long and doesn't wear down very well so I would recommend carrying it around with you for top ups every couple of hours.

All the Too Faced products are available in the UK from Boots or in the US from the Too Faced website

Overall my favourite products were the Neutral Eyes Palette and the Perfect Eyes eyeliner! Have you tried anything from Too Faced before? If you have, what did you like the best?

*I was sent all of these products by Too Faced, however I am
not being paid to write this blog post and all opinions are my own


  1. Wow! The palettes look amazing! x

  2. I love Too Faced, those palettes look gorgeous. What an amazing surprise parcel!

    Sophie x

  3. the lip colors look amazing. i really want to get my hands on the chocolate bar palette.

  4. I love these colours and he packaging! Very pretty and super glossy! Can't believe these are without a top coat! You can also connect with Naio Salon Suplies to get gorgeous Acrylic Nails or Gel Nails with fabulous Nail Kits.


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