Tuesday, 29 July 2014


Inspired by Kat from Tales of a Pale Face, I have decided to share with you my heat wave hero beauty products. If you read my Marrakech Photo Diary blog post you will of seen I have just been away to Morocco and when this post goes up I will be in Berlin, followed by Barcelona. As I will be spending weeks in the sun, I needed to find a good selection of beauty products which work well in the heat and these are the top four which I have picked.

I bought the Mitchum for men advanced anti-perspirant deodorant on a bit of a whim whilst in the supermarket a couple of weeks ago, and I now own three as it's that good! I figured that as it was for men it would be extra strong and I already knew Mitchum deodorants were good anyway which is why I bought it, and I'm glad I did. This is probably TMI but this is the best anti-perspirant I have ever used, it really stops any odour and lasts all day and I can't see myself using anything different now! It does smell slightly manly but not in a bad way, so I'd say it was definitely suitable for women too.

After doing extensive research and endless blog post reading to find the the best facial SPF50 suncream, I ended up buying the La Roche Posay Anthelios XL SPF50. I have problem skin so was skeptical at first about using this, however I had no problems at all. It just feels like a light weight moisturiser and sinks in to the skin almost instantly leaving no residue and acting as a great base for the rest of your makeup. It is lightweight enough to wear every day if you live in a sunny country or if you are just on holiday. I didn't need to touch up at all throughout the day and it really helped prevent me from getting even slightly sunburnt throughout the day whilst I was away.

The Vichy Eau Thermale mineral water facial spray is pretty much a life saver for me. It is just an aerosol can filled with mineral water but it acts as an instant refresher for using throughout the day. It is so cooling and Kat had a great tip of popping it in the fridge to keep it even cooler which I will be doing!

Last but not least is the Garnier dry mist aerosol SPF50 sun cream. This is probably the best sun cream I have ever used. It is so quick and easy to apply as it just sprays on and is very quick to rub in to your skin. The tempereature reached 47 degrees in Morocco and I didn't get even a single patch of sun burn and it's all down to this sun cream! I only applied it once in the morning each day and it helped to keep my skin protected all day long which is pretty impressive considering the intense heat which I was outside in for around ten hours each day. 

All of these products are available in Boots or your favourite drugstore and I highly recommend them if you are off anywhere this summer, or if you are staying in England in this mini heat wave we've been having! Let me know what your heat wave hero beauty products are!


  1. I've been loving thermal spring water recently so I can cool down and get some sleep! Haha! <3



  2. i think a good deodorant is a must these days. its just so sweaty that i don't want to end up smelly.


  3. I use the Ambre Solaire in the spray formula and I love it as well, I've never been burnt wearing it (well, apart from the bits where I didn't put it on..) but yeah, it's so good! xxx

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