Wednesday, 16 July 2014



My outfit:
Watermelon cami top: American Apparel
Black shorts: New Look
Trainers: Nike
Sunglasses: RayBan

Carissa's Outfit:
Black crop top: Topshop
Lemon skort: Topshop
Flipflops: Haviana
Black straw hat: H&M

We went to the YSL Gardens (Jardin Majorelle) whilst in Marrakech last week and managed to get some outfit photos whilst we were there with the handy help of a camera remote, tripod and reflector (which seemed to provide great interest to other tourists - we actually had people taking photos of our camera set up and a lady said we were "very dedicated to getting some good holiday snaps..."). Posing for outfit photos with a crowd of tourists around you is always fun!
The gardens themselves were absolutely beautiful, it was full of cobalt blue which is one of my favourite colours and their cacti collection was amazing too. Despite being in the middle of the city it was very tranquil and relaxing which is a nice break to the busy town. We had done a lot of research in to the culture when booking the holiday and ensured that we wore a maxi kimono each when walking through the city to ensure our shoulders and knees were covered, however these were the outfits which we wore underneath. Whilst at the Majorelle Gardens we even bumped into the lady I was sat next to on the plane in the gardens which was a weird coincidence!

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  1. Those are such pretty pictures! I love both your outfits and you both look beautiful xx

  2. i just adore that lemon skort. its sooo beautiful.

  3. You both just look absolutely stunning x

  4. the lemon skort is perfection! xx

  5. Gorgeous photos, you both look incredible!

    Sophie x

  6. These photos are so stunning. I feel like I've said that about all of your Marrakech photos but they really are, haha! I love both of your outfits and you both look so gorgeous. really lovely xx


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