Monday, 11 August 2014


The YSL Couture eyeshadow palette in the shade 'Saharienne' is a recent release from the new collection of YSL makeup. The Couture Collection is a selection of different eyeshadow palettes, each coming with five shades, and the colour selection in them varying from neutrals to brights, meaning there is something for everyone. 
First off, as with all YSL makeup, the packaging is absolutely beautiful - I love the classic bright gold exterior with the simple black interior of it, which compliments the colours of the eyeshadows inside. I like how they have stuck with the classic YSL packaging, despite it being a special launch as I hate when brands have a different packaging to signify different launches as it means that any other items you have from the brand don't match and co-ordinate.

The quality of these eyeshadows is so high, they are an absolute dream to blend together and they are so well pigmented. The shimmers in them are so finely milled that when you blend them you don't end up with any fall out onto your cheek which quite often happens with slightly darker glittery colours. There are no matte colours in this palette, only shimmers but as they are my favourite type of eyeshadow, that is fine with me. As there is a range of colours, you can easily use this for both everyday, or you can make it slightly more smoky to take the eye look into something more nighttime approriate, which is great as it makes the palette very versatile with what you can do with it. The colours are so well matched that even an eyeshaddow novice like me can easily put together a simple eye look with it, such as the one I have created below.

Overall I would definitely recommend the YSL Couture Eyeshadow Palette in Shade 4 Saharienne, they are some of the best quality eyeshadows I have tried and the palette is so versatile, along with being beautiful to look at. You can purchase it here from John Lewis and it retails in the UK for £39.50

*I received the YSL Couture Eyeshadow palette from
John Lewis for review purposes. I am not being paid
to feature it on and all opinions are my own


  1. wow such a beautiful palette xx

  2. Such a stunning palette. I love the look you put together :)

    Sophie x

  3. This palette looks so beautiful! You've done a great look with it too. x

    Lola and Behold || Beauty & Lifestyle Blog

  4. Oh wowie, that palette is just stunning x

  5. Such a pretty eyeshadow palette, they're my favourite kinda shades to wear too!

    L x // bloglovin'

  6. I love the fact that you get more of the lighter shades, as they're the ones I tend to finish first! X

  7. What a gorgeous palette, looks beautiful.


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