Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Last week I popped up to the ASOS HQ again to go to their #BeautyChat event. It was a live streamed Q&A session with Patricia Bright answering all sorts of beauty questions from the audience and from  her subscribers on twitter. ASOS aren't ones to do it half heartedly, so we had summery pimms, hotdogs and nail painting - along with having some items from their new collection on display, and plenty of yummy #BeautyChat themed cookies on sticks! I went along with Perdi and met up with Brogan and Emma whilst I was there, and went for pizza afterwards. Somehow the trains were completely delayed on the way home - which ended up in me getting on a random train and bus combination, sitting outside a train station in the freezing cold for an hour at 1am and not getting home until after 2am - fun fun fun! Despite this I had a lovely time, thank you ASOS for inviting me!

You can watch a recording of the live stream below, and check out my photos of the event too!


  1. I think this event looks so fun, I've been loving all the videos! Great shout from Asos, you wouldn't normally put them with beauty. x

  2. Aaw, this looks like such a fun event! I bet you had a great time!


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