Thursday, 25 September 2014


Autumn has finally come around, which of course means it is now time to crack out those oh so pretty deep berry and burgundy colours which are my absolute favourite. I decided to do this makeup after reading Anna's 'Autumn Edit' blog post, where I was inspired by the combination of a dark coppery eyeshadow and red lip that she used. For my look I used a Too Faced eyeshadow called 'Soleil' and for my lips I used my favourite lipstick which is Chanel 'La Désiéee'. The eyeshadow is so easy as I only used one colour and blended it out, but I think it is a nice combination with the bright red lipstick. I kept most of the makeup very simple as I already had two bright colours, but I think they compliment my dark hair nicely!

I will definitely be wearing this look a lot more often from now on and throughout the winter, despite the eyeshadow being quite different for me as I love how it has turned out! 


What is your 'go-to' autumnal makeup look?


  1. Such a beauty Islay, you look wonderful! I just adore that lip colour, it's gorgeous x

  2. this is a gorgeous look.. you are the queen of lipsticks

  3. Ooh, this look is so pretty! On another note, I am jealous of your freckles :)
    Beth x

  4. This is a gorgeous look! I really like the lipstick :)


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